What fun it's been for the last 100 days and Oh Yeah - What a Challenge!! But Look...SUCCESS!! Gourmet size CARROTS!

lilwanderer is talking about growing Peas, Turnip, Cauliflower, Beetroot, Broadbeans from Northland


I’m going to miss reading about my fellow gardeners achievments and challenges but who knows – maybe we’ll "meet’ again another time!

Here are some pics of those of my vegies that have survived the traumas of their short lives til now!

SNOW PEAS - what hardy little troopers they are, climbing their way out of the doldrums of STORM DAMAGE and producing flowers again…..

BABY BEETSovercoming the NASTY NIBBLES of chooks, snails & slugs and looking healthy & sprightly…..

TURNIPS - still yielding a delicious crop of sweet little white & purple globes…..

BROADBEANSgrowing Strong & sturdy, with lovely mid green healthy leaves and buds – leaf or flower buds I wonder…..

CAULIFLOWERSDISAPPEARED never to return I should imagine…..

CARROTS - my FIRST SUCCESSFUL CARROTS  -  EVER!!!! I’m really stoked about that – in case you hadn’t guessed  hehe!

Good luck fellow gardeners, I’m over & out – headin off to munch a carrot or 2……………….