Sarah the Gardener for Yates is talking about growing Carrot from Waikato


Well this is a big day in more ways than one.  My long suffering Un-Gardener Hubby is turning 40.  I did contemplate getting him a top of the range shiny new spade!  But in the end I got him something HE wanted!

Another thing I can give him is the gift of time.  As I will no longer be able to delay preparing dinner with the phrase “hold on – I’m just loading my blog” or “sorry honey I can’t go with you today – I have to do this in the garden, so I can take a photo and have something to write about.”  This blogging thing takes a far bit of commitment and support from the family.  Thanks guys!

My friends will also breath a collective sigh of relief as I will now I will be contacting them to see how THEY ARE and not to see where they are at with their voting and then boring them stupid with the trials and tribulations of my garden – which if they were voting they would have read anyway.  Sorry guys – thanks for putting up with me.

And to those who have followed along and read every blog – I’ve saved you a trip to the library because during the course of this challenge I have managed to write about 46,714 words – give or take.  That’s a small novel.

I have also taken 103 photos.  I have found I really enjoy taking carefully considered pictures as opposed to the happy snapper – point and shoot approach I normally take.  Although with two Yates Challenges under my belt – the camera has taken quite a hammering.  I think there is dirt in the zoom lens bit because it keeping coming up with an error – but if you blow on it and give it a shake – it comes right!  Sorry family.

But there are things this challenge has done for me that are good.  My garden is in a great place and should be easy to maintain going forward.  Without Yates it would be a complete nightmare but now I have a tidy greenhouse, a sorted garden and a plan for going forward.  I have packed away my tools and stacked my pots and shall take a well-earned rest until about August when I shall get out my pepper seeds and give them a great head start.

This experience has given me a love of writing and between the Spring Challenge and the Autumn one I was a little lost.  So this time to alleviate the huge gap left after it is all over, I have found a place on the internet where I can continue my ramblings – but without needing to do it every day or worrying if anyone is actually reading it.  So if you want to check up on me one day in the future you will find me at: gardeningkiwi.wordpress.com or on You Tube http://www.youtube.com/user/gardeningkiwi.

Before I sign off for good I have a wee confession to make – when I wasn’t talking about any of the great eight veggies – I always ticked the carrot box because it was the first one on the list.

Thanks for coming.

Sarah the Gardener  :o)