The last day has brought a mixed bag of weather

Diane Turner is talking about growing Carrot, Peas, Turnip, Cauliflower, Broadbeans from Wellington


Sun, cloud. cold big drops of rain and now sun again and it is only just lunchtime. (ooops here comes the wind!!!)

I took a quick peak around my garden while the sun was out and to prove I did plant some veggies I have taken a few photos to let you know they didn’t all die.

I wish I lived on an Island with no cat’s they have used my veg beds as litter trays this autumn digging up seedlings and leaving non compostable deposits!

The late start to my winter veg growing has showed and I know next year that whatever else I may think I need to be doing I need to make time to get my veggei garden sorted earlier. It is hard when it still has summer crops in it to think of digging them up.

With the price of lettuce I am glad that I have some in at the moment.

I have a tomato plant in a  pot on the deck with flowers and fruit on it and the capsicums in the garden still have fruit as well.

Will winter ever arrive? and if so will it delay spring.

I hope not as that is such a time of planning and planting and after the last challenge I am looking forward to getting going again.

Thank you all for blogging with such enthusiasm sharing your gardening stories over the last couple of months.

Take care and keep well.