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Garden fun

Welcomebay Play Centre is talking about growing Kale, Pumpkin from Bay of Plenty

Our Tamriki are having so much fun, digging the holes, planting the plants and watering them. Its such a joy to see kids in the garden along with their Mum's learning and growing together.

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Back into the garden for spring!

dutchydoo is talking about growing Tomato, Something else from Bay of Plenty

Now that we have finally getting some sun in Rotorua we have got into the garden!  We started the term with a tomato growing competition - Yates mortgage lifter, and clearing a garden for planting Kumera.  This is the first time we ha...

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New Vege Bed!

Natalie Turner is talking about growing Something else from Bay of Plenty

A few weeks ago, and after a bit of convincing, I've finally managed to get my partner to help me build a new vege bed!

The wood was reused from a bed that my brother took out and once the bed was together, I spent my day off buying top...

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Its a bit of a mixed bunch!

The Garden Early Childhood Centre is talking about growing Carrot, Peas, Tomato from Bay of Plenty

Here is a snap shot of where we are at. I have started this garden and as you can see it seems to be going good. There is still room for more addtions to the list and this will happen as our seedling grow. 

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Kids Mini Challenge 3. Frying good fun!!

Jillene is talking about growing Sweetcorn from Bay of Plenty

Op shopping is a fun outing for my son and I, we found this deep fryer handle and decided we would try and grow something in it. We decided on marigolds, help bring the bees to our vege garden.

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