Too Much Borage

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Garden in progress

This is supposed to be my herb and perennial garden…. The self-seeded borage has turned out to be a little too prolific – crowding out just about everything else. The self-seeded kale was welcomed with open arms, but it didn’t get out of hand…

I decided that borage around the border was okay, but everything in the middle has to go! Hubby has been helping me and we are half-way there. A job that needs to be tackled when the sun is not out – the bees are not impressed at the removal of their favourite treat….

We have uncovered the rhubarb, comfrey, asparagus (that I only recently planted) and capsicum. I now have room to plant some herbs I have sitting waiting in pots.

I have capsicum, chilli peppers, wormwood and a few other bits and bobs planted in the soon to be cleared side – I have my fingers crossed that they have survived.