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Garden in progress

Apologies for being Missing In Action…… Hubby changed jobs and is now home more – and has taken over the computer in the evenings….. I am still trying to re-arrange my schedule, so everything runs smoothly (and I get my computer time :o) Am busy catching up reading everyone’s blogs…..

Busy, busy in the garden – the potatoes are flowering, I have not had time to water them, so I hope the many rain showers and hot sunny days have catered for their needs.

Everything seems to be growing well – though the self-seeded plants seem to be doing much better than the human-sown ones.

Currently harvesting capsicums, carrots, strawberries, kale, silverbeet, radishes, beetroot, spring onion, parsley, chives, peas.

Hubby, being home more, has helped a lot in the garden – I have a lot more growing area this year. Photo of new garden (about 50m x 3m) along our driveway, with deer fencing for climbing fruit and vegies, planning to plant beans, peas, tomatoes, passionfruit, maybe cucumber….. As well as a bit of everything on the open area. This will be the closest vegie garden to the house, so I expect it to be well tended (we all walk past it several times per day).