Looking weedy good!

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Garden ready!

I thought I would pop back in to post an update of my garden. I haven’t been particularly active posting over the last couple months myself, but have enjoyed reading and learning from others. 

The weather here has been really unsettled in recent weeks, with lots of warm thundery rain. Mostly everything is growing really well now, including lots of weeds, except my 2 capsicum plants who aren’t looking that flash. We are harvesting lots of lettuce,  spinach and herbs. Spinach is actually popping up everywhere (including the lawn!) from self seeding while the vege patch was neglected for the last couple years. The self seeded stuff is actually nicer than the variety that I intentionally planted haha. We’ve eaten all the broccoli, I was surprised to find the wee shoots on the sides developed into mini heads after harvesting the main heads, it was our first successful time growing broccoli thru to harvest. Also our cauliflower finally formed heads! I harvested 2 very large ones tonight (filled up a bucket!) and delivered them to a couple family members. Such a great feeling being able to share produce. 

My sweetcorn are flourishing, steadily shooting up after a bit of a rocky start. And we are throughly enjoying the baby peas straight out of the pods. A super toddler snack. I haven’t had enough for a whole pot of peas for dinner, but I almost think eating them this way is better! My 2 cucumber and 1 zucchini plants are finally away, after sitting doing nothing for a few weeks after planting, not warm enough I assume. My pumpkin plant is also thriving. 

I have 8 tomato plants on the go, but they aren’t that great currently. I really need to stake them, next job on my list! I unfortunately didn’t choose the best spot for them, as they get shaded in the morning from a large tree. I’ve asked my husband to prune said tree but still waiting! Hopefully they do alright.

Looking back, I am very pleased with what I have achieved in my garden. I’m looking forward to harvesting more food and sharing it with my family 

I hope everyone’s gardens continue to thrive this summer :)