A Word from Yates: The end.

Sarah the Gardener for Yates is talking about growing Something else from Waikato

Garden ready!

Hello Lovely Gardeners 

How is this possible that we are at the very last day of the Vegie Growing Challenge?  For a start – I haven’t planted out my cucumbers yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  But mostly, the start of spring only seems like the other day.  The weather hasn’t moved along that much, so it feels harder to believe we are closer to Christmas than we are to those eagerly anticipated September days.

Being able to hang out with you all over the last 100 days has been such a pleasure.  Your enthusiasm and activities were an encouragement and inspiration to me and I suspect to each other.  It is such a friendly community to hang out in, that I feel I am with good friends and I will miss you all.  My mornings just won’t be the same without my daily tour of the country. 

So just to let you know what will happen from here, the monthly Vegie Growing Challenge email will come out early next week with the winners of the recent Mini Challenge.  In the meantime, the Yates team will have the difficult task of deliberating and deciding on the major winners.  I can tell you now it will not be easy as everyone participated with such passion and commitment.  The winners will then be announced in the last Vegie Growing Challenge email in early January.  

I want to wish you all good luck and look forward to seeing you and your gardens next season.    I hope over the rest of the growing season your gardens continue to flourish and you get an outstanding harvest.  You can always share your successes on the Yates Facebook page, we’d love to see them.

Merry Christmas to you and your family and have a wonderful new year.

Happy Gardening.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

NB:…  you still have until the end of today to get your last posts in.