Reaping some rewards

Rochelle C is talking about growing Beans, Carrot, Cauliflower, Lettuce from Northland

Garden in progress

I am home today with a sick child, so that means I get some short bursts out in the garden.  Picked some carrots and planted out the few surviving beans from my disaster a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve had to plant them on the assumption that some could be climbers so we will see.  I have harvested all but one of my cauliflowers, and planted some new seedlings out in their place.  My battle at present is aphids on my lettuces.  My lovely neighbour (who has sold up and moving overseas :(  ) has given me some of her garden bits and bobs.  Amongst them was a natural pyrethrum/chilli/garlic spray with 1 day with holding so will give that a try.  The vege garden is having a bit of an identity crisis – I have a habbit of heeling in/planting poorly flower plants into the vege garden and they seem to have a majority.  There is catmint, penstamon, purple tansy, dianthus and some other random seeds I grew last year, put the punnet on the raised garden bed and the roots have grown through into the soil – no moving them now!  I still have loads of seedlings to plant out as they are ready (and the space available).  The rain forecast will be welcomed to wet the soil and refil my water tanks. Happy gardening everyone!