Ready to evict...and what actually lives there?

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Garden ready!

I am always torn at this time of the year. Perhaps more so this year than any other year. 

With the encouragement of the kids, and repetitive watching of one little rabbit movie, we all sort of went down the track of close planting, straight rows, mixed heights and lots of colour. The gardens were actually looking better than the flower garden at one point. Compact and colourful. Now we have reached that point when some have started to bolt and the next lot of tomatoes are ready to go in. This weekend, these guys are going to be the next to be evicted. A few Kale chips, bottling a few beetroot, a salad or two and a bit of veggies for the animals. But one slight problem….what did I actually plant at the front?

In amongst it all is one plant that I haven’t eaten before. The problem is – I planted two new plants – I think, although one may have been parsnip – it was written down…somewhere. I am pretty sure it is the Parsley Bartowich. The leaves can be used like parsley but more so for cooking but the root is the main part.  I did scoop a bit of soil back before and diametre would have been around the 7-8 cm on one so I the curiosity is probably going to get the better of me before the night is out. 

The weather atm up here is frustrating me no end. We delayed the planting out until the first week of November because it was so cold at night, then it warmed up, only to turn nasty again, then it was followed by a week of gale force winds and now warmish but no decent rain for a few weeks.  Basically, in a nut shell, it has been drying the ground out very quickly, and since a number of our beds are raised, it is not that helpful for getting young seedlings going. In fact,  I think it is more akin to the frustrations I have had in Feb trying to get some succession planting going. I have my fingers crossed that this is not an early sign of droughts. We already have a few cracks appearing in the lawn which is not a good sign.

This morning, before school, out of  frustration, I pulled a few lettuce and beetroot seedlings out, dug in some more compost, and replanted them, and then did the same thing to some more this afternoon after work. Connor’s garden is only slightly raised and it is coping much better, but Zac’s and mine are having a few issues.  I have told the boys that we may have to do a bit of mulching and side dressing with compost over the next few days. The new gardens are lower done and not having the same issues. Will spring water underneath, once the roots are established, they don’t dry out quite as much.