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Garden ready!

It has been a weird growing season this year. 


My potatoes are really huge. They are bigger than last year. Ihope the potatoes are too.


My strawberries are bigger and are growing faster than last year. We feed them more. Every week we give them a Yates Seaweed feed. They really like it. 


My tomatoes are up to my wast now. Last year I had green tomatoes by now. I have flowers but no tomatoes yet. My plants are looking healthy.


We have eaten lots of my lettuce and I have given some to my Grandad and Jenny. It’s growing better and faster than last year.


The beans are 1/4 way up the frame now. So are my cucumber. We had our first cucumber and tomatoes and potatoes and beans for christmas last year. We wont this year. We might have Zac’s tomatoes and some potatoes. 


We have eaten heaps of cabbages and we still have two in my garden.

It was good to move my rhubarb beasue it has made more space. I wonder it it will efect the growing of my other plants?

We didn’t grow luffas as we had a really good season last year and have heaps to make into soap things. 

This year I put more flowers in and tatsoi and garlic. I picked my first one today. It is elephant garlic. It can will get lots bigger so we are leaving it in there. We picked it for dinner tonight.

Thank you to Sarah and to Yates and to people who have written comments to me.