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Just starting off...

So excited that the starters whistle has sounded and we are into another garden challenge which means I now have a valid excuse to avoid house work and dig up more lawn to grow far too much food for one person. BUT with all the community food stalls popping up all over the country I can donate to them instead of the compost bin or off loading on work colleques, except that I am newly retired so don’t go to work as such.

Anyway I got a start on preparing for the challenge by ripping out the HERB garden, digging it over laying down netting in order to deter the cats from thinking they had a new flash loo then threw in some sheep pellets.

Made a start on staking the BROAD BEANS but got rained off. Made a start on weeding the STRAWBERRY patch but got rained off.

In between showers I managed to check what is actually growing in the garden. WOW CABBAGE, CAULIFLOWER, SILVER BEET, BROCCOLI, ONIONS, GARLIC, LEEKS, CARROTS, BEETROOT and CELERY all seem to be ticking along just fine.

SATURDAY 1 SEPTEMBER and I was ready to post my first blog BUT alas a techno issue, but never mind I will get on with getting on. So I sowed CAPSICUM, CORN, MECLUN, PEAS, PUMPKIN, SQUASH, TOMATOES and ZUCCHINIThey are all snug in my wee warm house in the living room. I say warm house as the sun has not been shining down on them yet.

Looking forward to reading others posts.

 CarolJane – Waikato