rachel b is talking about growing Capsicum, Tomato, Lettuce, Peas from Waikato

Garden ready!

It’s the 13th of December already?! How did that happen?

At this stage I’m guessing if anything I’m a pretty good example of a failed attempt at gardening… Mostly because the chickens and ducks are ‘helping’
The 50 litre tomato pots are currently being used to hold up Y posts to support chicken wire for the bird’s run, it’s a good system as it means I don’t have to push posts into the ground, and moving the run just means moving pots around.
It does mean any plants within nibbling distance are fair game…

To be fair, the lettuces and peas they are eating were mostly grown for them, they have not yet discovered the sunflowers or sweetcorn and I have potted tomatoes in places they can’t reach. They aren’t interested in my potatoes which are doing well, I even managed to remember to mound some of them!

Next spring I aim to be more prepared and get more plants started earlier, but we shall see!

Well guys, Don’t forget to net your fruit trees and berries, hope you all have a great christmas and a great summer harvest :)