jossiesgarden is talking about growing Herbs from Hawke's Bay

Garden ready!

Today, our last day for blogs, started with a downpour. I realized how much I love rain. Everything being boosted by water that’s better for it. Later the sun came out and dried up all the rain.

What’s happened for me during the challenge has been: I get excited about rain and all the dandelions around our place that attract helpful insects; and I have a greedy urge to gather all the dry leaves and other carbon-containing matter we have for the compost. Not only do I have the urge to collect everything here, I’m always eyeing up plant matter everywhere for its potential.

I want to apologise for never getting Disqus sorted so I could leave comments. Also for not getting a profile cropped to fit. I did try! Next time I want to make my blogs a record of progress at regular intervals – or as regular as I’m capable of.

People tease me and say ‘the rot has set in already’ when I drop some new enthusiasm, but this time, so far, the rot has stayed away.

Thank you Sarah and all you other gardeners. I was at the skin clinic recently to have liquid nitrogen treatment on my hands (gardener’s scourge). While I was waiting I read gardening magazines. Some of them went back a few years. What should I find but a story about Sarah, how she won the challenge one year, and how she has kept combining her love of writing with her gardening enthusiasm. That was a treat to read.

The photo shows my bee-attracting garden near the vegetable garden. It attracts the cat from over the wall and my grandson rides his scooter through it without noticing, but it thrives. Catmint, calendulas, borage, lemon balm and a scented geranium.