Thanks yates!

rachel b is talking about growing Tomato, Sweetcorn from Waikato

Garden ready!

The wind is battering my corn plants and the rain has poured down all day. At least my garden hasn’t needed to be watered! I took one last picture of my tomato and berry plants from the back door, I’m hoping the rain calms down while the tomatoes continue to ripen as lots of heavy rain can cause issues with the fruit such as splitting and blossom end rot.

The plants are nice and big now, to be honest I have missed quite a few laterals so will just let the really big ones grow.. there are quite a few little green tomato babies around now!

I have so many strawberries and berries to pick, the rain has helped to keep the birds away, but has meant they taste a bit watery.

Well I’m sitting here with the heater blaring well into what should be our second week of summer hoping the wind is not throwing off my sweet corn pollination too much.

I’d like to thank Yates for this fantastic competition and all the wonderful people who have updated their blogs, shared seeds and comments. Good luck everyone!