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Garden in progress

I hadn’t expected to be still posting, in the last few hours. I had already completed my looking backwards and looking forward posts a few days ago, highlighting the positives and  reflecting on the journey that we have been on. Sorting through photos, and selecting the ones that best illustrated the changes that have occurred.

However, like the other day with the cucumber (teeny) and the capsicum (which was initially missed), today also saw the appearance of my first ever pumpkin and squash (it is a round one).  My Borlotti Beans are also at an eatable stage. The Dwarf Butterbeans are finally here. Small, but still there all the same.

We have also had to come up with a plan “B” for the cucumber. They are  so healthy that they are going up the structure, around the front, around the back, and attempting to grow across the grass. I think perhaps the four or five in there were a fraction too many.

 We have decided to  put some fishing nylon (something we have lots of, across the front and allow it to vine along. By giving it something to attach to, hopefully it will stay away from the tomatoes). My husband intends to sort that tomorrow, weather permitting of course.