Vegie Growing Challenge Tips

This spring, Yates wants you to get gardening by competing in the Yates Vegie Growing Challenge. Up for grabs is a share of over $4000 worth of cash and prizes.

Whether you’re an avid green-thumb or a newbie gardener, we want to know all about your gardening experience – the good and bad! All you have to do is register to enter, select which vegetables to grow and compete by posting regular blogs, photos and comments about your gardening journey.

We encourage you to post about your growing journey – The successes, pitfalls, failures and surprises. Even if your attempt at growing vegies fails gloriously, we want you to share it with us. And best of all, you can still win by posting interesting comments and photos around your experiences. Remember it’s not about who grows the most, it’s about your gardening journey!

Growing vegetables can be a very rewarding experience. Not only do you get satisfaction from watching them develop, but you also get to eat and share them with your loved ones. Why not use this challenge as an opportunity to start a Vegie Co-op with your family and friends? Simply get them to join the challenge, decide which vegie each person will grow, and then wait until harvest time to distribute and share your produce!

Prize Categories

BEST Individual Garden – $500 worth of Yates products + $500 Cash
BEST School Garden – $500 worth of Yates products + $500 Cash
BEST Community Garden – $500 worth of Yates products + $500 Cash

Runners Up Prizes for:

What are we looking for?

Use of Yates Products: Of course we want to see you using our products. Submit photos of you using Yates products in your garden.
Quantity of Posts: This competition is about sharing information with other gardeners. So share regular updates, but no more than one blog a day please.
Quality of Posts: This means helpful gardening advice, interesting commentary and honest blogging.
Photos: Not only do photos show the progress of your plants and prove that you’re actually growing from seed, they may also help other aspiring gardeners. Post lots of progress photos throughout the challenge.

Tips on blogging

Rules to remember

Full terms and conditions can be found here