Starting a vegie co-op

Planting vegies

Community gardens are all the rage. No doubt some of this interest is inspired by reports of the more than 300,000 allotment gardens in the UK, where people who don’t have their own individual space can ‘╦ťborrow’ a piece of land for a garden.

While allotment gardens have never been as popular in New Zealand as in the UK (perhaps because the individual quarter acre section has (until now) been an achievable New Zealand dream) with more families moving to inner city or high density living, the idea of sharing garden space has taken on greater appeal. Local councils are leading the way, but many other groups are also active. If you want to get involved in a community garden, your local council is a good place to start – hopefully you may be able to join an existing group. If you can’t, the council will probably be able to give you some direction or guidelines for starting up a new group.

And if the idea of joining a larger community garden group isn’t your thing, a few families or households can get together to form their own, smaller scale, vegie-growing co-op. There are many benefits to be derived from these more casual arrangements, such as:

Final advice: before setting up your co-op, get together to agree on the ground rules that all will commit themselves to following. And make sure that each household checks its insurance cover!


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