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How to grow a home vegetable garden from seed

A great way to keep the family budget, and good health, on track, is to grow your own vegies from seed. Here are a few helpful tips:


Vegies must have sun! Try to select a spot that is sunny, sheltered and close to a source of water.


Vegies love soil with a loose, aerated, well-drained and crumbly structure that’s capable of absorbing and holding moisture and nutrients. Different soils have different needs:

This is a guide only. Please refer to instructions on back of Yates seed packets.


Use the Yates seed planting calendar as a guide. Also check the back of seed packets for information on when and how your favourite vegies should be planted.

Feeding vegetables

Vegies, like humans, need to be fed! Balanced, all purpose fertilisers, such as Yates Thrive Granular All Purpose Plant Food, or Yates Dynamic Lifter can be mixed into the soil before planting and are a reliable way of giving
your plants the nutrients they need for maximum growth.

Soluble fertilisers, such as Yates Thrive All Purpose or Yates Thrive Flower and Fruit, can be applied to plants during their growth stages.

Vegetables get thirsty too!

How much you water your garden depends on several factors including soil type, plant type, and climate.

However, like humans, plants do not appreciate either being drowned or being left to dehydrate or wilt. Thorough waterings, either early morning or evening, are more effective than light sprinklings as they encourage deep rooting. The whole root system of the plant is moistened and there is less evaporation.

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