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Create a raised, no-dig garden bed

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No Dig Garden

No dig gardens are great because they’re less work – and you can make one just about anywhere! No-dig gardens have even been created on top of concreted patches or on an existing lawn. Just remember, if you are building your bed on concrete, you’ll need a layer of sticks or other coarse materialon
the base to ensure that the water can drain away.

Generally, you can start your no-dig garden by:

It’s important to remember the words ‘no-dig’. If you dig the garden, you disturb the layers. Just add more compost, manure and straw when it’s needed between crops.

Try to practise simple crop rotation by making successive plantings from different plant groups (e.g. follow a leafy crop like lettuce with a fruiting crop such as tomatoes).

Weeding should be minimal but sometimes the straw will produce seedlings. These can be simply scuffed out when they’re tiny and left on the surface to die and add their goodness to the mix.

This process is very easy but, if you forget how to go about it, you’ll find the directions in the latest (77th) edition of Yates Garden Guide.


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