Gardens, Paths & Driveways (Non-selective Control)

Yates Trigger Path Weedspray

A ready to use weedkiller that controls weeds for up to 12 months on hard surfaces including paths, driveways , paved areas and fencelines. It controls a wide variety of weeds including hard to kill weeds.


  • Two way action: existing weeds are controlled and weed seeds are killed for up to 12 months.
  • Weeds can be controlled for up to 12 months depening on soil type and rainfall.
  • Weeds controlled include couch, Mercer grass, wandering Jew, Indian doab, periwinkle, wild onion, clovers and docks.


9g/litre simazine and 5g/litre amitrole in the form of a ready to use liquid.

Directions for use

Shake well before use. Spray onto unwanted weeds where plant growth is not desired for at least 12 months. Spray all leaves until wet. The spray kills weeds slowly, taking 2-6 weeks and preventing germination for 3-12 months. For best results apply to seedling weeds when growth is active in spring and autumn. Do not apply if rain is expected within a few hours.

Safety Data Sheet

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