Gardens, Paths & Driveways (Non-selective Control)

Nature's Way Greenscape Concentrate

A fast acting, natural weedkiller. It affects only the foliage it contacts. Many weeds show visible signs of wilting within hours.


  • Non-selective weedkiller that kills all plants including wanted plants.
  • It controls a wide range of annual and some perennial weed species.
  • Natural product derived from coconut oil extracts.
  • Leaves no soil residues so treated areas can be planted immediately after use.
  • Ideal for treating vegetable and ornamental seed-beds prior to crop seedling emergence.
  • Controls weeds around mature trees and shrubs and can be used for lawn edgings and general garden maintenance.


700g/litre fatty acids in the form of an emulsifiable concentrate.

Directions for use

Mix 70ml of Natures Way Greenscape per litre of water. Spray weeds until the foliage is completely wet. Thorough coverage is essential.

Hard-To-Kill Weeds: Natures Way Greenscape gives most effective control of young, fast growing weeds. On stubborn perennial weeds and grasses, use 100ml of Natures Way Greenscape per litre of water. A second application after 3-5 days will assist control. Established perennial weeds are not well controlled.


NOTE: Spray drift will damage desirable plants. Do not use in windy or gusty conditions. Application under hot, sunny conditions is more effective than under cool, moist conditions.

Material Safety Data Sheet

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