Spring Harvest

There’s something very special about the flavour of vegies that have had the time to grow slowly during the cooler months before they reach their maturity in spring. They have a richness that can’t be matched by the speedy varieties that gallop along in the warmer months. Spring vegies tend to be good keepers, too, so they can be harvested over a long period.


Baby Beets

Baby Beets are sweet and delightfully tender; harvest when young and dainty to enjoy them at their best. Roast slowly and simply to bring out their full sweetness, with just a kiss of butter.


Beetroot 'Cylindra'

Cylindra produces unique elongated, slender roots that are ideal for slicing. Smooth textured skin, with rich red flesh and a sweet, subtly earthy flavour.


Beetroot 'Derwent Globe'

Derwent Globe produces deep red, globe-shaped roots. Flesh is deliciously tender, juicy and sweet. Fast maturing, and grows all year round in most climates.


Beetroot 'Super King'

This delicious hybrid beet is a strong and consistent grower, and quick to develop to generous full size. Superb slowly roasted, used in relish, fresh salads, or as the ultimate in burger ingredients.


Broad Beans 'Evergreen'

This tender and succulent, green seeded variety produces small, mild flavoured beans that are suitable for fresh use or freezing.


Broad Beans 'Exhibition Long Pod'

Strong, sturdy plants that carry a heavy crop of very long pods sometimes up to 30cm long.


Broccoli 'Shogun'

The best quality, hybrid choice for the cooler months. Firm dome-shaped heads that hold well in the garden.


Brussel Sprouts 'Tighthead'

Mid-season, highly productive, producing firm green heads that retain colour and flavour for a long time after reaching maturity.


Cabbage 'Sugarloaf'

A conical shaped, sweet flavoured cabbage that is very early maturing.  Hardy and reliable.


Carrot 'Baby'

A superb, crisp, sweet variety.  Quick to grow, rich in Vitamin A and carotene.  Great for patios containers.


Carrot 'Egmont Gold'

A large superbly crunchy and vigorous variety.


Carrot 'Express Hybrid'

An extremely reliable cylindrical hybrid carrot that will grow to a good long length.


Carrot 'Majestic Red'

An Australian-bred variety. Has excellent colour, flavour and adapts to most climatic regions. Very crunchy!


Carrot 'Manchester Table'

Easily grown to 20cm in length, these cylindrical carrots are popular for their crisp, sweet, deep orange flesh.


Carrot 'Topweight'

The most popular of all carrots.  Vigorous growing with long fleshy red roots.  Rich in vitamins.


Cauliflower 'All Year Hybrid'

A major break through in plant breeding, this new hybrid variety shows excellent vigour to reach maturity very early at 15 weeks.


Cauliflower 'Phenomenal Early'

A popular early maturing and easily grown variety.  Large, firm heads within 4 months.


Chinese Broccoli 'Kailaan'

This is a quick growing vegetable with a very pleasant and unique flavour.  Especially suited for stir-fry or steaming.


Chinese Cabbage 'Buk Choy' (White Stem)

Has an interesting mild flavour and is widely used in Oriental cooking. Very quick maturing.


Chinese Cabbage 'Wong Bok'

Grown in China since the Ming Dynasty period, Wong Bok has a sweet, subtle mustard taste and is perfect for succulent stir-fries, salads, dumplings, spring rolls and wrapping around fillings.


Cress 'Salad Curled'

A prolific and refreshing herb. Its vivid green curls are ideal for garnishing.  Easily grown in window boxes or pots.


Leek 'Welsh Wonder'

A popular variety enjoyed for its fleshy, tender white stems.  Excellent flavour.  Hardy and versatile.


Lettuce 'Cos'

Sweet yet piquant flavour.  Quite distinct from normal lettuce with thicker, crisper leaves.  Upright and cylindrical, forming tall, loose heads.


Lettuce 'Great Lakes'

Is a large, solid-hearted variety, crisp and sweet.  Endures summer heat without running to seed.  A must for summer salads.


Lettuce 'Greenway'

Has been specially bred by Yates for our warm summer conditions. A large crispbread style variety, it is ideal for summer salads.


Lettuce 'Salad Mix'

A real smorgasbord of our most popular lettuce varieties. From Cos types to tender and tasty Mignonettes, this mixture will enhance your salads.


Mesclun 'French Salad Mix'

Grow all the leafy ingredients for a flavour-filled salad.  Mesclun Mix includes endive, corn salad, rocket, chicory and a selection of colourful lettuces.


Mustard 'Quick Salad'

Fresh and appetising with a peppery, tangy flavour. Enhances the quality of many dishes. Quick and easy to grow. Ideal for pots and containers.


Organic Seeds 'Radish - Cherry Belle'

Plump, cherry-red globes with crisp white flesh.  Yates organic seeds have been grown under strict chemical free conditions.


Organic Seeds 'Rocket Salad Leaves'

A rapid grower with peppery flavoured leaves, popular in salad mixes and grown under strict chemical free conditions.


Radish 'French Breakfast'

Dapper little red and white fingers of crisp, tasty flesh.  Fast growing and versatile.


Radish 'Gentle Giant'

At last, a hybrid-quality radish that grows to a large size (up to 6cm across) without becoming stringy!  And it doesn't get too hot if harvested late.


Radish 'Salad Crunch'

Plump, cherry-red globes of crisp white flesh.  Ideal salad variety.  Quick and easy to grow.  Great for children's gardens.


Seed Tapes - Beetroot 'Detroit Red'

Rich red globes of tender and sweet flesh.  Quick to grow and full of flavour.  Ideal summer and winter vegetable.


Seed Tapes - Carrot 'Baby'

A petite superbly crisp and sweet variety.  Rich in vitamins and carotene.  Quick to grow.


Seed Tapes - Radish 'Red Rubin'

Plump, cherry red globes with crisp white flesh.  Quick and easy to grow.  An ideal salad variety, with a mild taste.


Seed Tapes - Spring Onion 'Straight Leaf'

A crisp and crunchy spring onion with tasty white stems and superb green leaves.  Popular variety that is quick to grow.


Silverbeet 'Compact Deep Green'

A recently bred compact variety with short stems and large, highly convoluted leaves.  Excellent taste and texture.


Silverbeet 'Fordhook Giant'

Rich, dark green leaves with strong white stems.  A tasty and popular addition to any meal.  Rich in vitamins.


Silverbeet 'Perpetual Green'

Smooth green leaves on slender stalks.  A popular, tasty addition to any meal.  Long picking season.  Resists bolting to seed.


Silverbeet 'Ruby Chard'

Produces attractive bright red stems that have a distinctive and pleasant flavour.  Highly productive being suitable for continuous cutting.  Great in salads.


Snow Peas Climbing

A climbing variety producing edible, nutty flavoured pods, that are widely used in oriental cooking and in salads. A real delicacy.


Spinach 'Native Spinach'

The most drought resistant of all vegetables, it grows well in hot, dry conditions, forming a vine that can be harvested for many months.  Distinctive but mild flavour.


Spinach 'Winter Queen'

A quick growing winter vegetable that is highly nutritious and tasty.  This variety features large, dark green leaves with good texture.


Spring Onion

A crisp and crunchy type with plump white, pungent stems and choice green leaves.  Popular variety.  Very versatile in salads, sandwiches and as a garnish.


Spring Onion 'Straight Leaf'

A most welcome addition to the home garden range! This variety holds its stem and leaves straight upwards.


Swede 'Champion Purple Top'

Large, tender purple and cream roots.  Ideal for soups and stews.  A hardy variety.


Turnip 'Purple Top White Globe'

A popular early variety producing large globe shaped roots with a purple crown.  The flesh is of excellent flavour.  Ideal in soups and stews.


Turnip - Japanese 'Hakurei'

Produces beautiful white skinned turnips with a crisp, sweet flesh. Excellent in soups, salads and other oriental cooking.