Snake Beans

Snake Beans are a very productive climber with thin, crisp tender pods that can grow up to 40cm long. Also known as Yard Long Beans, they are a classic ingredient in Chinese, Indian, South East Asian and Caribbean cuisines. Delicious stir-fried with spices, or in curries. Snake Beans enjoy warmer, humid climates and are not frost tolerant.


Full sun.


Sow beside a trellis or support (up to 2m) direct where they are to grow in well drained, damp soil. Cover with Yates® Black Magic® Seed Raising Mix and firm down. Do not water for a couple of days after sowing. Best results are achieved when soil temperature is consistently above 20 degrees Celsius.


Grow in a sunny, well drained position. For best results prepare soil by digging in Yates® Thrive® Natural Blood & Bone. Apply Yates® Thrive® Vegie & Herb Liquid Plant Food when flower buds form. Protect from snails and slugs.


Pods are best picked when young and slender, at around 30cm long. Pods grow fast and should be picked at least every few days to keep the vines forming new pods.