Seed Tapes

Growing from seed can be daunting if you haven’t done it before, Yates Seed Tapes take the scary part out of the process. All you have to do is lay the tape in a groove about 1cm deep and lightly cover with soil. Keep moist and before you know it the seedlings have emerged at just the right spacing.


Seed Tapes - Beetroot 'Detroit Red'

Rich red globes of tender and sweet flesh.  Quick to grow and full of flavour.  Ideal summer and winter vegetable.


Seed Tapes - Carrot 'Baby'

A petite superbly crisp and sweet variety.  Rich in vitamins and carotene.  Quick to grow.


Seed Tapes - Radish 'Red Rubin'

Plump, cherry red globes with crisp white flesh.  Quick and easy to grow.  An ideal salad variety, with a mild taste.


Seed Tapes - Spring Onion 'Straight Leaf'

A crisp and crunchy spring onion with tasty white stems and superb green leaves.  Popular variety that is quick to grow.