Light & Fresh

Fresh and fabulous. Raw vegetables are so healthy and great tasting. Try this unique salad, your guests will be amazed that it came from your own garden. Soak sesame seeds in soy sauce and dry in the oven. Finely sliver Cucumber and add to washed Mesclun leaves. Blend extra soy sauce and fine olive oil together and sprinkle over salad. Garnish with nasturtium petals, fresh coriander leaves and finely slivered Chilli. Delicious and nutritious.


Baby Beets

Baby Beets are sweet and delightfully tender; harvest when young and dainty to enjoy them at their best. Roast slowly and simply to bring out their full sweetness, with just a kiss of butter.


Beetroot 'Cylindra'

Cylindra produces unique elongated, slender roots that are ideal for slicing. Smooth textured skin, with rich red flesh and a sweet, subtly earthy flavour.


Beetroot 'Derwent Globe'

Derwent Globe produces deep red, globe-shaped roots. Flesh is deliciously tender, juicy and sweet. Fast maturing, and grows all year round in most climates.


Beetroot 'Super King'

This delicious hybrid beet is a strong and consistent grower, and quick to develop to generous full size. Superb slowly roasted, used in relish, fresh salads, or as the ultimate in burger ingredients.


Capsicum 'Colour Salad Selection'

A choice collection of colourful capsicums in various shapes and sizes including green, orange, red and purple.


Capsicum 'Giant Bell'

Bright green glossy fruit changing to a lush red at maturity. Sweet and mild. Grows vigorously.


Carrot 'Baby'

A superb, crisp, sweet variety.  Quick to grow, rich in Vitamin A and carotene.  Great for patios containers.


Carrot 'Egmont Gold'

A large superbly crunchy and vigorous variety.


Carrot 'Express Hybrid'

An extremely reliable cylindrical hybrid carrot that will grow to a good long length.


Carrot 'Majestic Red'

An Australian-bred variety. Has excellent colour, flavour and adapts to most climatic regions. Very crunchy!


Celery 'Green Crunch'

A crisp and crunchy popular salad variety.  Long stringless stalks which can be harvested as desired.


Cucumber 'Apple Cucumber'

This variety yields prolific numbers of crisp, creamy-skinned fruit.  Excellent for summer salads.


Cucumber 'Burpless'

A vigorous and high yielding, delightfully nutty flavoured cucumber.


Cucumber 'Long Green'

A fleshy, easy to grow vegetable. Excellent for slicing. Yields sweet, crisp, emerald green fruit.


Lettuce 'Buttercrunch'

Loose leaf, light green nutty flavoured leaves. Good in warm climates.


Lettuce 'Cos'

Sweet yet piquant flavour.  Quite distinct from normal lettuce with thicker, crisper leaves.  Upright and cylindrical, forming tall, loose heads.


Lettuce 'Great Lakes'

Is a large, solid-hearted variety, crisp and sweet.  Endures summer heat without running to seed.  A must for summer salads.


Lettuce 'Salad Mix'

A real smorgasbord of our most popular lettuce varieties. From Cos types to tender and tasty Mignonettes, this mixture will enhance your salads.


Lettuce 'Webbs Wonderful'

A well-known favourite summer lettuce. Although now largely superseded by recently bred varieties like Greenway, Webbs Wonderful remains popular with traditional gardeners.


Mesclun 'French Salad Mix'

Grow all the leafy ingredients for a flavour-filled salad.  Mesclun Mix includes endive, corn salad, rocket, chicory and a selection of colourful lettuces.


Onion 'Pukekohe Longkeeper'

Golden globes of crisp, pungent flesh.  An excellent, main crop variety.  Stores well up to 10 months.


Onion 'Sweet Red'

Popular red variety with a mild flavour.  Odourless, fresh tasting and versatile.


Radish 'French Breakfast'

Dapper little red and white fingers of crisp, tasty flesh.  Fast growing and versatile.


Radish 'Gentle Giant'

At last, a hybrid-quality radish that grows to a large size (up to 6cm across) without becoming stringy!  And it doesn't get too hot if harvested late.


Radish 'Salad Crunch'

Plump, cherry-red globes of crisp white flesh.  Ideal salad variety.  Quick and easy to grow.  Great for children's gardens.


Radish 'White Icicle'

Beautiful long snowy roots of crisp and tender flesh. Fast growing and ideal for summer salads or to garnish savoury trays.


Spring Onion

A crisp and crunchy type with plump white, pungent stems and choice green leaves.  Popular variety.  Very versatile in salads, sandwiches and as a garnish.


Spring Onion 'Straight Leaf'

A most welcome addition to the home garden range! This variety holds its stem and leaves straight upwards.


Tomato 'Big Beef'

An award winning hybrid, Big Beef produces large, juicy tomatoes with old-fashioned beefsteak flavour. Long fruiting season, heavy yields and superior disease resistance. The perfect hearty sandwich tomato.


Tomato 'Grosse Lisse'

An old favourite that does well in humid areas, Grosse Lisse produces medium to large fruit, full of juicy flavour. It's a tasty all-rounder, suitable for salads, sandwiches, soups and sauces.


Tomato 'Moneymaker'

This popular Edwardian English heirloom produces a good yield of firm, bright red medium-sized fruit. Famed as a reliable choice for setting fruit in all conditions.


Tomato 'Roma'

Deep red, pear-shaped fruit.  Ideal for salads, bottling, soups and sauces.  The perfect tomato for sundrying.