Kale 'Red Russian'

Leafy Kale is chock-full of nutrients, earning it’s status as a ‘superfood’. A delicious addition to salads, soups, casseroles, or steamed or sautéed as a side dish – and easy to crisp up in the oven for snacks.


Full sun.


Raise in trays of Yates® Black Magic® Seed Raising Mix or sow direct where they are to grow. Cover with mix, firm down and keep moist. Transplant after 4-6 weeks.


  • Grow in sun or semi-shade.
  • Enrich soil with organic fertiliser before planting.
  • Feed plants regularly.
  • Continuous harvest promotes new growth.
  • Protect young plants from snails and slugs.


Leaves will be darker when temperatures are cooler. Choose a sunny, well-drained position. Prior to planting, work in Yates® Thrive® Natural Blood & Bone. Apply fertiliser every 2-3 weeks for rapid, vigorous growth. Protect from snails and slugs.