Green fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of folate and vitamin B to enhance a healthy heart and promote energy.


Beans Climbing 'Scarlet Runner'

Adding colour to the vegetable garden, this variety of Scarlet Runner boasts exceptionally high yields of long pods.


Beans Climbing 'Stringless Scarlet'

Our trials show this newly bred variety to develop significantly less stringless than any other.


Beans Dwarf 'Chef's Choice'

An all-new variety that produces copious quantities of medium size, straight, round, stringless beans.


Beans Dwarf 'Freezer Slims'

This heavy cropping variety produces extra long rather flat pods that are ideal for angle slicing and freezing.


Beans Dwarf 'Long John'

A rich abundance of long, round succulent pods. Tender, green and stringless.


Beans Dwarf 'Tendergreen'

Flat and fleshy, stringless and flavoursome. Round pods grow to 16cm and sometimes develop attractive purple fleck.


Beans Dwarf 'Top Crop'

An early maturing variety, producing abundant quantities of medium sized round pods.


Broad Beans 'Evergreen'

This tender and succulent, green seeded variety produces small, mild flavoured beans that are suitable for fresh use or freezing.


Broad Beans 'Exhibition Long Pod'

Strong, sturdy plants that carry a heavy crop of very long pods sometimes up to 30cm long.


Broccoli 'Shogun'

The best quality, hybrid choice for the cooler months. Firm dome-shaped heads that hold well in the garden.


Broccoli 'Summer Green'

An excellent hot weather variety that can be planted for summer picking.


Brussel Sprouts 'Tighthead'

Mid-season, highly productive, producing firm green heads that retain colour and flavour for a long time after reaching maturity.


Cabbage 'Racer Drumhead'

A hybrid variety, producing large heads of 2.5-4kg.


Cabbage 'Savoy King'

Large crisp heads of finely crinkled emerald leaves. Named for a region in Northern Italy, Savoy Cabbage ("Cavolo Verza" in Italian) is ideal for wrapping around fillings and in stews, soups and risotto.


Cabbage 'Sugarloaf'

A conical shaped, sweet flavoured cabbage that is very early maturing.  Hardy and reliable.


Capsicum 'Giant Bell'

Bright green glossy fruit changing to a lush red at maturity. Sweet and mild. Grows vigorously.


Celeriac 'Mars'

Gnarled looking Celeriac has a delicate taste, somewhere between celery and parsley. Delightful mixed with potato, kumara or butternut.


Celery 'Green Crunch'

A crisp and crunchy popular salad variety.  Long stringless stalks which can be harvested as desired.


Chinese Broccoli 'Kailaan'

This is a quick growing vegetable with a very pleasant and unique flavour.  Especially suited for stir-fry or steaming.


Chinese Cabbage 'Buk Choy' (White Stem)

Has an interesting mild flavour and is widely used in Oriental cooking. Very quick maturing.


Chinese Cabbage 'Wong Bok'

Grown in China since the Ming Dynasty period, Wong Bok has a sweet, subtle mustard taste and is perfect for succulent stir-fries, salads, dumplings, spring rolls and wrapping around fillings.


Cress 'Salad Curled'

A prolific and refreshing herb. Its vivid green curls are ideal for garnishing.  Easily grown in window boxes or pots.


Cucumber 'Burpless'

A vigorous and high yielding, delightfully nutty flavoured cucumber.


Cucumber 'Lebanese'

This improved variety produces heavy crops of sweet-flavoured, smooth-skinned cucumbers that are very mild and low in acid.


Cucumber 'Long Green'

A fleshy, easy to grow vegetable. Excellent for slicing. Yields sweet, crisp, emerald green fruit.


Florence Fennel - 'Zefa Fino'

Fennel bulb has a crisp, delicate aniseed flavour. Shave it into a fresh salad or slaw, or slowly roast it for a caramelised liquorice scented treat.


Kohl Rabi 'Green Duke'

Kohlrabi tastes like a mild, sweet turnip with a crisp hint of radish. Kohlrabi is a favourite in Indian cuisine, so it naturally pairs with Indian spices.


Lamb’s Lettuce 'Mâche'

Delicate, nutty flavoured Lamb’s Lettuce is a favourite in French and Italian cuisine. Use it raw in salads, or steamed and served as a vegetable.


Leek 'Welsh Wonder'

A popular variety enjoyed for its fleshy, tender white stems.  Excellent flavour.  Hardy and versatile.


Lettuce 'Buttercrunch'

Loose leaf, light green nutty flavoured leaves. Good in warm climates.


Lettuce 'Cos'

Sweet yet piquant flavour.  Quite distinct from normal lettuce with thicker, crisper leaves.  Upright and cylindrical, forming tall, loose heads.


Lettuce 'Great Lakes'

Is a large, solid-hearted variety, crisp and sweet.  Endures summer heat without running to seed.  A must for summer salads.


Lettuce 'Greenway'

Has been specially bred by Yates for our warm summer conditions. A large crispbread style variety, it is ideal for summer salads.


Lettuce 'Salad Mix'

A real smorgasbord of our most popular lettuce varieties. From Cos types to tender and tasty Mignonettes, this mixture will enhance your salads.


Lettuce 'Webbs Wonderful'

A well-known favourite summer lettuce. Although now largely superseded by recently bred varieties like Greenway, Webbs Wonderful remains popular with traditional gardeners.


Mustard 'Quick Salad'

Fresh and appetising with a peppery, tangy flavour. Enhances the quality of many dishes. Quick and easy to grow. Ideal for pots and containers.


Organic Seeds 'Rocket Salad Leaves'

A rapid grower with peppery flavoured leaves, popular in salad mixes and grown under strict chemical free conditions.


Peas 'Earlicrop Massey'

A heavy cropping dwarf variety that matures early with well-filled pods of sweet flavored peas.  Excellent for fresh use or freezing.


Peas 'Greenfeast'

An all-time favourite pea. This mid-season dwarf variety produces very heavy crops of large, even pods of excellent flavour.


Peas 'Novella'

A self-supporting dwarf pea that requires no staking at all.  Produces high yields of very sweet, tender peas.  Pods grow at the top of bush and are easy to pick.


Peas Dwarf 'Sugarsnap'

The pea that thinks it's a bean!  Pea and pod are both sweet, juicy and flavoursome.  Eat the pea whole, or let it grow longer then shell.


Peas Sugarsnap 'Climbing'

The pea that thinks it's a bean! Pea and pod are both sweet, juicy and flavoursome. Eat the pea whole, or let it grow longer then shell.


Seed Tapes - Spring Onion 'Straight Leaf'

A crisp and crunchy spring onion with tasty white stems and superb green leaves.  Popular variety that is quick to grow.


Silverbeet 'Compact Deep Green'

A recently bred compact variety with short stems and large, highly convoluted leaves.  Excellent taste and texture.


Silverbeet 'Fordhook Giant'

Rich, dark green leaves with strong white stems.  A tasty and popular addition to any meal.  Rich in vitamins.


Silverbeet 'Perpetual Green'

Smooth green leaves on slender stalks.  A popular, tasty addition to any meal.  Long picking season.  Resists bolting to seed.


Silverbeet 'Ruby Chard'

Produces attractive bright red stems that have a distinctive and pleasant flavour.  Highly productive being suitable for continuous cutting.  Great in salads.


Snake Beans

Snake Beans are a very productive climber with thin, crisp tender pods that can grow up to 40cm long. Delicious stir-fried with spices, or in curries.


Snow Peas Climbing

A climbing variety producing edible, nutty flavoured pods, that are widely used in oriental cooking and in salads. A real delicacy.


Spinach 'Native Spinach'

The most drought resistant of all vegetables, it grows well in hot, dry conditions, forming a vine that can be harvested for many months.  Distinctive but mild flavour.


Spinach 'Summer Supreme'

A recently bred warm season variety allows spinach to be grown well in summer.


Spinach 'Winter Queen'

A quick growing winter vegetable that is highly nutritious and tasty.  This variety features large, dark green leaves with good texture.


Spring Onion

A crisp and crunchy type with plump white, pungent stems and choice green leaves.  Popular variety.  Very versatile in salads, sandwiches and as a garnish.


Spring Onion 'Straight Leaf'

A most welcome addition to the home garden range! This variety holds its stem and leaves straight upwards.


Tatsoi 'Spoon Mustard'

Tatsoi is a tangy, versatile green, delicious served raw, lightly steamed or sautéed.


Zucchini 'Greyzini'

One of the best yielding zucchinis, the grey, speckled fruits with firm white flesh are great cooked or raw.


Zucchini 'Lebanese'

Abundant clusters of plump tear-shaped fruits.