Chinese to Leek


Chinese Broccoli 'Kailaan'

This is a quick growing vegetable with a very pleasant and unique flavour.  Especially suited for stir-fry or steaming.


Chinese Cabbage 'Buk Choy' (White Stem)

Has an interesting mild flavour and is widely used in Oriental cooking. Very quick maturing.


Chinese Cabbage 'Wong Bok'

Grown in China since the Ming Dynasty period, Wong Bok has a sweet, subtle mustard taste and is perfect for succulent stir-fries, salads, dumplings, spring rolls and wrapping around fillings.


Cress 'Salad Curled'

A prolific and refreshing herb. Its vivid green curls are ideal for garnishing.  Easily grown in window boxes or pots.


Cucumber 'Apple Cucumber'

This variety yields prolific numbers of crisp, creamy-skinned fruit.  Excellent for summer salads.


Cucumber 'Burpless'

A vigorous and high yielding, delightfully nutty flavoured cucumber.


Cucumber 'Lebanese'

This improved variety produces heavy crops of sweet-flavoured, smooth-skinned cucumbers that are very mild and low in acid.


Cucumber 'Long Green'

A fleshy, easy to grow vegetable. Excellent for slicing. Yields sweet, crisp, emerald green fruit.


Cucumber Continental

This slender, extra-long cucumber is sweetly flavoured and can be sliced or diced to add cool flavour to many dishes.


Eggplant 'Blacknite'

Rich deep purple fruit.  Smooth skinned and good sized.  A vigorous, high yielding variety.


Leek 'Welsh Wonder'

A popular variety enjoyed for its fleshy, tender white stems.  Excellent flavour.  Hardy and versatile.


Kale Edible

Cool season crop. Baby green leaves may be harvested 7 weeks after planting. Has a decorative use in the garden.


Cucumber Lebanese (Organic)

This popular variety produces heavy crops of sweet-flavoured cucumbers that are mild and low in acid. Eat skin and all. Yates organic seeds have been grown just as nature intended, under strictly controlled, organic, chemical free conditions.


Eggplant Black Beauty (Organic)

Large, richly-coloured fruit with smooth, glossy skin. A vigorous, high yielding variety. Also called aubergine, this fruit can be used across a wide range of culinary styles. Yates organic seeds have been grown just as nature intended, under strictly controlled, organic, chemical free conditions.


Florence Fennel - 'Zefa Fino'

Fennel bulb has a crisp, delicate aniseed flavour. Shave it into a fresh salad or slaw, or slowly roast it for a caramelised liquorice scented treat.


Kale 'Red Russian'

Leafy Kale is chock-full of nutrients, earning it's status as a 'superfood'. A delicious addition to salads, soups, casseroles, or steamed or sautéed as a side dish.


Lamb’s Lettuce 'Mâche'

Delicate, nutty flavoured Lamb’s Lettuce is a favourite in French and Italian cuisine. Use it raw in salads, or steamed and served as a vegetable.


Kohl Rabi 'Green Duke'

Kohlrabi tastes like a mild, sweet turnip with a crisp hint of radish. Kohlrabi is a favourite in Indian cuisine, so it naturally pairs with Indian spices.