Chinese Cabbage 'Wong Bok'

Grown in China since the Ming Dynasty period, Wong Bok has a sweet, subtle mustard taste and is perfect for succulent stir-fries, dumplings, spring rolls and wrapping around fillings. Shred into fresh salads for a delightful crisp texture. Wong Bok is an essential ingredient in kimchi, the national dish of Korea.


Full sun.


Sow direct where they are to grow or in seed trays of Yates® Black Magic® Seed Raising Mix. Cover lightly, firm down and keep moist. Thin out or transplant when about 5-6cm high.


Choose a sunny, well-drained position. Add Yates® Thrive® Natural Blood & Bone before planting. Water regularly and apply Yates® Thrive® Natural Fish Blood & Bone for vigorous growth. Protect from snails and slugs.


Control leaf-eating caterpillars with Yates® Success® Ultra.