Silver Fern Ponga (Native)

Silver Fern Ponga (Native)

New Zealand's national emblem, the distinctive silver fern, adds an authentic 'Pacifica' flavour to any garden. Plant Silver Fern as an accent or vertical element in a shady spot.



When to sow

Spring & autumn


  • Specimen tree
  • Accent plant
  • Shaded areas


Fill a seed tray with Yates Black MagicĀ® Seed Raising Mix. Press mix firmly into tray; water and allow to drain. Spread ponga spores evenly over mix and press firmly to make good contact with soil. Place tray in a warm, shady, sheltered place and mist with water, as required, to keep moist (not wet).


Once seedlings are 3-5cm high, transplant into small individual pots. Grow on until a root ball establishes and transplant into the garden or containers.


Sift a very fine layer of peat over spores and cover tray with plastic to increase humidity. Apply Yates BlitzemĀ® to protect young seedlings from slugs and snails.

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