Yates Native Seeds Landscaping Range is a range of iconic kiwi natives including favourites like Pohutukawa, Nikau Palm and Kowhai. Special varieties such as the elegant Tussock Grass and the striking blue and white Chatham Island Forget-Me-Not are also featured in the range.

Varieties are grouped so that they can be selected to solve landscaping problems for the everyday gardener. Each packet carries specific suggestions for appropriate garden placement. You can select from varieties that are flowering, accent plants, specimen trees and those that are ideal for mass planting. There are even some varieties can also be planted in containers.


Astelia Kakaha (Native)

Dramatic, upright, silver foliage makes New Zealand kakaha the ideal choice as an accent or container plant, to add eye-catching colour and textural contrasts to your garden.


Cabbage Tree Ti-Kouka (Native)

Iconic New Zealand cabbage trees produce large heads of stiff foliage atop tall stately trunks. Cabbage trees make excellent accents, specimen trees or container plants.


Carex Grass (Native)

Brilliant colour and textural contrasts make New Zealand's orange carex grass the perfect choice for mass planting or containers, in any style of garden.


Dwarf Mountain Flax Wharariki (Native)

Mountain flax inhabits New Zealand's most precarious coastal cliffs, making it ideal for exposed, windy or dry, gardens. Long spikes of spring to summer flowers attract bees and native birds.


Hebe Napuka (Native)

New Zealand native hebe produces spectacular displays of reddish-purple spring flowers, that also attract bees. Plant as a filler, in a container or mass plant for blocks of colour.


Kakabeak (Native)

Named for its curious red spring flowers, that resemble the beak of New Zealand native parrot, the kaka, kakabeak makes a great filler plant and creates a wonderful burst of seasonal colour.


Kowhai (Native)

Kowhai is one of New Zealand's most popular, smaller growing, specimen trees for its breathtaking displays of brilliant yellow spring flowers that attract native tui to sup their abundant nectar.


Marlborough Rock Daisy (Native)

New Zealand's beautiful Marlborough Rock Daisy has tough leathery foliage and large white daisy flowers over spring and summer. It enjoys dry, exposed conditions, but dislikes humidity.


NZ Christmas Tree Pohutukawa (Native)

New Zealand's coastline is outlined in red at Christmas-time, as magnificent Pohutukawa burst into masses of red flowers, providing a spectacular display and rich source of nectar for bees and native birds.


Rock Lily Rengarenga (Native)

Dainty, white, spring flowers adorn the extremely tough and attractive New Zealand rengarenga, which makes a perfect low growing ground cover on banks or under trees.


Silver Fern Ponga (Native)

New Zealand's national emblem, the distinctive silver fern, adds an authentic 'Pacifica' flavour to any garden. Plant Silver Fern as an accent or vertical element in a shady spot.


Tussock Grass (Native)

Elegant displays of silken, creamy-green, flower heads adorn this New Zealand native tussock for many weeks over spring and summer. Mass plant on exposed banks or use as a container specimen.