Growing a great lawn just got much easier with Yates Lawn Seed range

A good lawn is integral to most garden styles. The joy of both looking at and walking on a lush, green carpet of lawn, is one every gardener aspires to. Whether its for sun, shade or a hard-working family backyard, Yates have a lawn seed for every situation.


Quick to establish, provides excellent green cover and weed control, whilst withstanding substantial wear and tear.

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Mow it less

Establishes rapidly to provide a dark, dense and attractive, reduced maintenance lawn.

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Luxury Lawn

Provides a neat and compact turf with uniformly fine leaves.

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Made for Shade

Specially formulated to maintain its appearance under, both damp and dry, shady conditions.

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Quick fix

Clever Seed and Feed all in one! Repair problem areas or over-sow to thicken and strengthen your lawn.

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Kikuyu Blend

Vigorous growing, warm climate grass. Kikuyu is both drought and heat tolerant.

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Tuffgrass Mow it Less Luxury Lawn Made for Shade Quick fix Kikuyu Blend
Resistance to Wear & Tear
Speed of Establishment
Fineness of Appearance
Tolerance to Drought
Suitability for Shady Areas
Ease of Maintenance