International Cuisine

Grow your own fresh ingredients to use in a variety of international dishes. Chinese and Asian dishes are among the easiest dishes to grow and prepare. Try a few of these vegetables to jazz up your home menus, they are easy to grow and take up little space.


Asian Stir Fry Mix

Interesting mix of Asian leafy greens including tatsoi, Chinese broccoli, and Chinese cabbage varieties. Use in salads and stir fries.


Basil ‘Genovese’

Genovese basil is an essential ingredient for Italian cuisine, especially for using in fresh pesto and aromatic 'insalata caprese'.


Cabbage 'Savoy King'

Large crisp heads of finely crinkled emerald leaves. Named for a region in Northern Italy, Savoy Cabbage ("Cavolo Verza" in Italian) is ideal for wrapping around fillings and in stews, soups and risotto.


Celeriac 'Mars'

Gnarled looking Celeriac has a delicate taste, somewhere between celery and parsley. Delightful mixed with potato, kumara or butternut.


Chilli 'Habanero'

An intensely hot chilli, rated 100,000–350,000 on the Scoville scale. The Habanero's extreme heat and floral aroma is a favourite in spicy Mexican foods like salsas, chili & fajitas.


Chilli 'Long Red Cayenne'

This heirloom chilli from South America is the traditional ingredient in ground cayenne pepper. Delicious fresh or dried, a perfect everyday chilli to add a spicy zest to dishes.


Chilli Pepper Jalapeno (Organic)

Peppery green to red chillies, becoming hotter as they ripen. This compact, ornamental bush produces an abundant crop over a long period. Yates organic seeds have been grown just as nature intended, under strictly controlled, organic, chemical free conditions.


Chilli ‘Bird’s Eye’

Pungent flavoured Bird's Eye Chilli is a traditional favourite for Indian, Sri Lankan, Thai, Lao, Vietnamese, Khmer, Malaysian, and Indonesian cuisine.


Chinese Broccoli 'Kailaan'

This is a quick growing vegetable with a very pleasant and unique flavour.  Especially suited for stir-fry or steaming.


Chinese Cabbage 'Buk Choy' (White Stem)

Has an interesting mild flavour and is widely used in Oriental cooking. Very quick maturing.


Chinese Cabbage 'Wong Bok'

Grown in China since the Ming Dynasty period, Wong Bok has a sweet, subtle mustard taste and is perfect for succulent stir-fries, salads, dumplings, spring rolls and wrapping around fillings.


Coriander (Organic)

A fast growing leafy herb widely used for culinary purposes. Its leaves add unique flavour to salads, sauces and many Asian dishes. Yates organic seeds have been grown just as nature intended, under strictly controlled, organic, chemical free conditions.


Eggplant 'Blacknite'

Rich deep purple fruit.  Smooth skinned and good sized.  A vigorous, high yielding variety.


Eggplant Black Beauty (Organic)

Large, richly-coloured fruit with smooth, glossy skin. A vigorous, high yielding variety. Also called aubergine, this fruit can be used across a wide range of culinary styles. Yates organic seeds have been grown just as nature intended, under strictly controlled, organic, chemical free conditions.


Florence Fennel - 'Zefa Fino'

Fennel bulb has a crisp, delicate aniseed flavour. Shave it into a fresh salad or slaw, or slowly roast it for a caramelised liquorice scented treat.


Garlic Chives 'Gow Choy'

A versatile herb that adds a delicate garlic flavour to dishes. Extensively used in Asian cuisine, Garlic Chives can be used like regular chives, snipped into salads and dressings, soups, and as garnish.


Garlic Chives (organic)

A versatile herb that adds a mild garlic-onion flavour to fish, poultry, eggs, and savoury sauces. Yates organic seeds have been grown just as nature intended, under strictly controlled, organic, chemical free conditions.


Holy Basil 'Krishna Tulsi'

Aromatic Tulsi is traditionally used in India in herbal teas and as an Ayurvedic remedy. In Hinduism, Tulsi is revered as a holy plant. This purple variety is also known as Shyam Tulsi.


Kohl Rabi 'Green Duke'

Kohlrabi tastes like a mild, sweet turnip with a crisp hint of radish. Kohlrabi is a favourite in Indian cuisine, so it naturally pairs with Indian spices.


Lamb’s Lettuce 'Mâche'

Delicate, nutty flavoured Lamb’s Lettuce is a favourite in French and Italian cuisine. Use it raw in salads, or steamed and served as a vegetable.



An aromatic grass with a subtle citrus flavour. Use the stalks crushed and finely chopped to add a fragrant lemon essence to curries, stir-fries and noodle dishes.



This mustard relative has long, serrated green leaves. Ideal for adding flavour to a lettuce leaf blend.


Mustard 'Quick Salad'

Fresh and appetising with a peppery, tangy flavour. Enhances the quality of many dishes. Quick and easy to grow. Ideal for pots and containers.


Okra - Clemson Spineless

Slender green pods, which are used as a green vegetable or for flavouring and thickening soups and stews.



Ancient Egypt's great healing herb.  Oregano has a sweet aromatic flavour.  Its slightly bitter overtone makes it ideal in Italian & Spanish dishes.


Snake Beans

Snake Beans are a very productive climber with thin, crisp tender pods that can grow up to 40cm long. Delicious stir-fried with spices, or in curries.


Snow Peas Climbing

A climbing variety producing edible, nutty flavoured pods, that are widely used in oriental cooking and in salads. A real delicacy.


Squash 'Sweet'n'Kwik'

An excellent combination of bush varieties producing sweet, quick cropping fruit.


Tatsoi 'Spoon Mustard'

Tatsoi is a tangy, versatile green, delicious served raw, lightly steamed or sautéed.


Thai Basil

Thai basil is an essential ingredient in Thai, Vietnamese, Lao, and Cambodian cuisines. Add some anise-flavoured 'X-factor' to Thai green and red curries.


Turnip - Japanese 'Hakurei'

Produces beautiful white skinned turnips with a crisp, sweet flesh. Excellent in soups, salads and other oriental cooking.