Fun for Kids

Grow your own shoe garden. Teach your kids to enjoy the garden and all the benefits it brings. Re-use an old sneaker and make a unique planter that they can be proud of. Cut a few holes in the sole of the runner. Fill it with Yates Potting Mix, sow seeds as per directions on pack. Choose large seeds that are easy to grow.


Beans - Climbing 'Purple King'

A vigorous variety that produces heavy crops of medium-sized, flat, dark purple pods which turn a rich green colour when cooked.


Beans Climbing 'Scarlet Runner'

Adding colour to the vegetable garden, this variety of Scarlet Runner boasts exceptionally high yields of long pods.


Beans Dwarf 'Golden Wax II'

An easily grown and highly attractive variety that produces an abundance of long golden, tender pods.


Beans Dwarf 'Long John'

A rich abundance of long, round succulent pods. Tender, green and stringless.


Beans Dwarf 'Tendergreen'

Flat and fleshy, stringless and flavoursome. Round pods grow to 16cm and sometimes develop attractive purple fleck.


Beans Dwarf 'Top Crop'

An early maturing variety, producing abundant quantities of medium sized round pods.


Marigold 'Crackerjack'

Superb summer colour with massive double blooms from deep gold to light primrose.  Easily grown, these flowers provide great results for very little effort.


Microgreens Amaranth Red Garnets

A stunning microgreen with a beet-like flavour. Yates Microgreens are the quick and easy way to add the freshest taste sensation and gourmet touch to your culinary creations!


Microgreens Cabbage Rubies

A striking microgreen with a sweet, mild flavour. Yates microgreens are the quick and easy way to add the freshest taste sensation and gourmet touch to your culinary creations!


Microgreens Mizuna Red Gems

A pretty microgreen with a mild, mustard flavour. Yates Microgreens are the quick and easy way to add the freshest taste sensation and gourmet touch to your culinary creations!


Microgreens Rocket Emeralds

A fresh, bright green leaf with a captivating, tangy flavour. Yates Microgreens are the quick and easy way to add the freshest taste sensation and gourmet touch to your culinary creations!


Mustard 'Quick Salad'

Fresh and appetising with a peppery, tangy flavour. Enhances the quality of many dishes. Quick and easy to grow. Ideal for pots and containers.


Nasturtium 'Jewel Mixed'

Sweetly scented bursts of crimson, orange, yellow, salmon and rose rising above the slightly trailing foliage.


Organic Seeds 'Rocket Salad Leaves'

A rapid grower with peppery flavoured leaves, popular in salad mixes and grown under strict chemical free conditions.


Pansy 'Joker Mix'

Cheerful, impish little faces to greet the spring. An early flowering mix of blotched and straight colour blooms.


Peas 'Earlicrop Massey'

A heavy cropping dwarf variety that matures early with well-filled pods of sweet flavored peas.  Excellent for fresh use or freezing.


Peas Dwarf 'Sugarsnap'

The pea that thinks it's a bean!  Pea and pod are both sweet, juicy and flavoursome.  Eat the pea whole, or let it grow longer then shell.


Peas Sugarsnap 'Climbing'

The pea that thinks it's a bean! Pea and pod are both sweet, juicy and flavoursome. Eat the pea whole, or let it grow longer then shell.


Seed Tapes - Beetroot 'Detroit Red'

Rich red globes of tender and sweet flesh.  Quick to grow and full of flavour.  Ideal summer and winter vegetable.


Seed Tapes - Carrot 'Baby'

A petite superbly crisp and sweet variety.  Rich in vitamins and carotene.  Quick to grow.


Seed Tapes - Radish 'Red Rubin'

Plump, cherry red globes with crisp white flesh.  Quick and easy to grow.  An ideal salad variety, with a mild taste.


Seed Tapes - Spring Onion 'Straight Leaf'

A crisp and crunchy spring onion with tasty white stems and superb green leaves.  Popular variety that is quick to grow.


Snow Peas Climbing

A climbing variety producing edible, nutty flavoured pods, that are widely used in oriental cooking and in salads. A real delicacy.


Sunflower 'Bronze Shades'

Brilliant terracotta and bronze shades.  Flowers profusely.  Excellent for cutting and decorative displays.


Sunflower 'Dwarf Sensation'

Bright yellow flowers on a compact plant that's ideal for pots or garden borders.


Sunflower 'Moonwalker'

An elegant variety with long slender petals of soft lemon surrouding a dark centre.


Sunflower 'Yellow Empress'

Particularly large yellow flowers up to 25cm across.  Grown for their decorative value as well as for seed.  Easy to grow.


Swan Plant

An attractive bush with fascinating clusters of large, unusual, swan-like seed pods.


Sweet Corn 'Early Chief'

Produces large cobs carrying sweet, golden yellow kernels in even rows. A delicious addition to most meals.


Sweet Corn 'Honeysweet' Small

An early maturing variety of the new "Super Sweets".  Large, even cobs with extremely sweet golden kernels.  Very easy to grow.


Sweet Corn 'Sun 'n' Snow'

Produces cobs with yellow and white kernels that combine superb flavour with rich, succulent super sweetness. Very easy to grow.


Sweet Pea 'Bijou'

A low-growing bush with brilliantly-coloured blooms on long stems. Ideal for borders, containers and garden colour.


Sweet Pea 'Blue Reflections'

Another glorious sweet pea from the world renowned breeder Dr Keith Hammett. Stunning coloured blooms to brighten your garden.


Sweet Pea 'Brilliant Fragrance'

A delightful sweet pea bloom, with a brilliant fragrance. Soft cream petals change to a pastel pink as they mature.


Sweet Pea 'Old Fashioned'

Large, ruffled blooms that are heavily perfumed. Vigorous, heavy flowering variety that continues late in the summer season.


Sweet Pea 'Original Species'

Although small, this species flower possesses unrivalled depth of colour and a scent that has no comparison.


Sweet Pea 'Patricia Ann'

An unusual mix with each flower showing finely rippled "veins" of colour through the petals.


Watermelon 'Candy Red'

A sweet, deep pink, fleshy variety. Good sized fruit with light green skin.


Zucchini 'Blackjack'

Enormously popular with its dark green fruit on upright, vigorous plant.  Delicious raw, blanched or in stir fry.