Wildflower Meadow Mix


A range of 37 varieties of delightful meadow wildflowers, that bloom in a constantly evolving display, from Spring into Summer. These enchanting flowers also attract hungry bees and other beneficial pollinators into your garden. This large pack covers up to 66m2.


Full Sun.


Sow direct where they are to grow. Scatter seed thinly and rake lightly into soil surface. Firm down, water gently and keep moist through germination period.


Choose a sunny, well-drained position. Add Yates® Thrive® Natural Blood & Bone before planting and fertilise regularly with Yates® Thrive® Soluble Plant Food. Thin out if necessary. Keep well watered. Protect from snails and slugs.


Remove spent flowers regularly or leave to mature and self seed.
This mix includes anagalis, calendula, candytuft, collinsia, cornflower, cosmos, cynoglossum, eschscholtzia, gypsophila, helichrysum, larkspur, linaria, linum, nemophila, nigella, poppy, reseda and stock. Results will vary depending on climate and time of year.
Not recommended for grazing livestock.