Swan to Zinnia


Swan Plant

An attractive bush with fascinating clusters of large, unusual, swan-like seed pods.


Sweet Pea 'Bijou'

A low-growing bush with brilliantly-coloured blooms on long stems. Ideal for borders, containers and garden colour.


Sweet Pea 'Blue Reflections'

Another glorious sweet pea from the world renowned breeder Dr Keith Hammett. Stunning coloured blooms to brighten your garden.


Sweet Pea Blue Butterflies

Known as a ‘reverse bi-colour’ due to its unusual arrangement of darker coloured wings and pale standards (upper petals).


Sweet Pea 'Brilliant Fragrance'

A delightful sweet pea bloom, with a brilliant fragrance. Soft cream petals change to a pastel pink as they mature.


Sweet Pea 'Liquorice'

This intriguing sweet pea may be small-flowered like it's ancestors, but it is a strikingly deep colour, and a certain talking point when displayed outdoors.


Sweet Pea Lucky Dip

This superb mix of highly fragrant sweet peas provides an excellent colour range, including several recently released and award winning varieties.


Sweet Pea 'Old Fashioned'

Large, ruffled blooms that are heavily perfumed. Vigorous, heavy flowering variety that continues late in the summer season.


Sweet Pea 'Original Species'

Although small, this species flower possesses unrivalled depth of colour and a scent that has no comparison.


Sweet Pea 'Patricia Ann'

An unusual mix with each flower showing finely rippled "veins" of colour through the petals.


Sweet Pea Pink Diana

Large fragrant blooms in shades of pink produce an eye-catching garden display


Sweet Pea 'Potted Fragrance Semi Dwarf'

This beautifully scented, low growing mix of sweet peas is perfect for pots or as garden borders. The brilliantly-coloured blooms will brighten balconies, courtyards or garden beds.


Sweet Pea Sapphire

These outstanding, medium sized, navy blue, frilly sweet peas look exceptional in a vase by themselves and even better paired with pale coloured blooms.


Sweet Pea Hammett’s Surprise

From large flowered to frilly and striped, or bi-coloured to pure vibrant colours, this mix will delight with its surprise offering from a selection of Dr Keith Hammett’s finest varieties.


Sweet William 'Dwarf Mixed'

A showy carpet of rich hues. Highly fragrant.


Village Green Vintage Border Mix

Embrace the iconic style of yesteryear, with an informal, romantic planting style. A densely planted and vibrant mixed border radiates old-fashioned charm.


Viola 'Toyland'

A profusion of long-lived colour for the spring garden. Velvety, clear shades of yellow, red, blue, white and apricot.


Wild Flowers Of The World

Dazzling selection gathered from Europe, Australia and the Americas will give you many unusual varieties.


Wildflower Meadow Mix

A range of 37 varieties of delightful meadow wildflowers, that bloom in a constantly evolving display, from Spring into Summer. Large pack covers up to 66m2.


Zinnia 'Gold Medal'

Growing up to 1.2m tall, these dahlia-flowered blooms provide a dazzling spectacle of colour including scarlet, yellow, orange and pink.


Zinnia Lilliput

Compact fully double, dome-shaped flowers in bright colours sit on top of upright stems. Ideal for picking.