Scatter Seeds

Scatter seed with abandon and see what happens. Informal, diverse, evolving and easy to care for, full of colour and surprise. Who wouldn’t love such a garden? Scatter seeds where they’re to grow in a sunny well-drained position. Cover lightly with fine soil or Yates Seed Raising Mix. Keep moist and thin crowded seedlings. Sit back and enjoy.


Alyssum 'Carpet of Snow'

A charming, easy to grow plant yielding fragrant white flowers. Ideal for rockeries, edging and wall gardens.


Bee Pasture Mix

A colourful blend of pollen and nectar flowers to provide forage for honey bees, bumblebees, and other pollinators. Bee Pasture Mix creates a very attractive habitat to bring beneficial insects into your garden.


Butterfly Field Mix

A vibrant coloured blend with a high ratio of nectar flowers, to provide food for adult butterflies, and feed and habitat for caterpillars.


Californian Poppy 'Sunshine Mix'

This vivid colour mixture of whites, reds, oranges and yellows produces an abundance of flowers.


Cornflower 'Double Mixed'

An old fashioned favourite with a lovely profusion of pinks, blues and white.


Cottage Garden Mix

A beautiful blend of brightly coloured free flowering annuals selected for their old world charm.


Forget-Me-Not 'Little Bluebird'

Long lasting profusions of dainty blooms in delightful shades of blue. Ideal for edgings, borders, beddings and ground covers.


Linaria 'Fairy Bouquet'

A profusion of closely packed flowers in an outstanding colour range.


Nemesia 'Carnival'

This dwarf variety offers a splendid celebration of late winter colour. Quick growing, compact and hardy.


Wild Flowers Of The World

Dazzling selection gathered from Europe, Australia and the Americas will give you many unusual varieties.


Wildflower Meadow Mix

A range of 37 varieties of delightful meadow wildflowers, that bloom in a constantly evolving display, from Spring into Summer. Large pack covers up to 66m2.