Nasturtium to Rockery


Nasturtium 'Cherry Rose'

A free-flowering variety producing a profusion of cherry-coloured flowers. Ideal for rockeries or as a ground cover.


Nasturtium 'Jewel Mixed'

Sweetly scented bursts of crimson, orange, yellow, salmon and rose rising above the slightly trailing foliage.


Nemesia 'Carnival'

This dwarf variety offers a splendid celebration of late winter colour. Quick growing, compact and hardy.


Nigella 'Love-in-A-Mist'

Ice white petals contrast with rich mascara-like stamens - giving a unique new beauty to an Old World bloom. A cottage garden favourite since Elizabethan times, Nigella is prized as a cut flower.


Night Scented Stock

The glorious scent that permeates the Spring evening from these flowers is truly one of nature's precious gems.


Pansy 'Black Knight'

Selected from the best hybrid seed. Flowers above compact foliage and retains its black appearance for many weeks.


Pansy 'Giant Supreme'

A beautiful blend especially for pansy lovers. Striking colour range, most impressive in massed plantings.


Pansy 'Joker Mix'

Cheerful, impish little faces to greet the spring. An early flowering mix of blotched and straight colour blooms.


Petunia 'Super Colour Parade'

Spectacular colours of dazzling beauty. Strong plants covered in a multitude of slightly frilled flowers.


Phacelia Californian Bluebell

The lilac-blue flowerheads of this fascinating plant attract beneficial insects such as hoverflies and bees that improve pollination and provide natural pest control


Phlox Drummondii Dwarf

A carpet of brilliant rich colours on compact plants.  Ideal for border display or as a massed show of colours.


Poppy 'Flanders Red'

A beautiful rich, red flower with dark blotches, often recognised as the emblem of ANZAC and Remembrance Days.


Poppy 'Iceland Artists Glory'

Glorious late winter/early spring blooms of crinkled silk in shades of gold, lemon, apricot and salmon.


Poppy 'Shirley Mixed'

Large single and semi-double flowers, many with picotee edges and colours of salmon, rose-pink and red.


Portulaca 'Sundancer'

Masses of large, double blooms in exciting vivid colours. The flowers stay open much longer than other varieties.


Rockery Mixture

A bright display for any rockery in a magnificent colour range. Easy and fun to grow!Mixture of annuals and perennials.