Easy to Grow

If you are a new gardener and want to give seed raising a go, try some of these never fail flower varieties; alyssums, cosmos, marigolds, nasturtiums and sunflowers. Bigger seeds can be sown direct into the garden, smaller seeds are best sown in a container on the window sill where they can be watched carefully.


Alyssum 'Carpet of Snow'

A charming, easy to grow plant yielding fragrant white flowers. Ideal for rockeries, edging and wall gardens.


Calendula 'Pacific Beauty'

A beautiful winter display of warm colours in apricot, yellow, persimmon and orange.


Californian Poppy 'Sunshine Mix'

This vivid colour mixture of whites, reds, oranges and yellows produces an abundance of flowers.


Cosmos 'Bright Eyes'

This colourful variety will add bright highlights to the summer garden.


Lupin 'Hartwegeii Mixed'

Stately spires of sweetly scented blooms, ideal for cutting.


Marigold 'Crackerjack'

Superb summer colour with massive double blooms from deep gold to light primrose.  Easily grown, these flowers provide great results for very little effort.


Marigold 'Cupid Mix'

A compact dwarf plant with large, softly-curled flowers in yellow, gold and orange.  Easy to grow.  Summer flowering annual.


Marigold 'Safari Mixture'

A beautiful blend of yellow, orange and scarlet colours.  Sturdy semi-dwarf plants carry a profusion of large, double blooms.


Nasturtium 'Cherry Rose'

A free-flowering variety producing a profusion of cherry-coloured flowers. Ideal for rockeries or as a ground cover.


Nasturtium 'Jewel Mixed'

Sweetly scented bursts of crimson, orange, yellow, salmon and rose rising above the slightly trailing foliage.


Nemesia 'Carnival'

This dwarf variety offers a splendid celebration of late winter colour. Quick growing, compact and hardy.


Pansy 'Giant Supreme'

A beautiful blend especially for pansy lovers. Striking colour range, most impressive in massed plantings.



A popular everlasting flower with papery textured double blooms. Bright colour range. Excellent as dried flowers.


Sunflower 'Bronze Shades'

Brilliant terracotta and bronze shades.  Flowers profusely.  Excellent for cutting and decorative displays.


Sunflower 'Dwarf Sensation'

Bright yellow flowers on a compact plant that's ideal for pots or garden borders.


Sunflower 'Yellow Empress'

Particularly large yellow flowers up to 25cm across.  Grown for their decorative value as well as for seed.  Easy to grow.


Swan Plant

An attractive bush with fascinating clusters of large, unusual, swan-like seed pods.


Sweet Pea 'Bijou'

A low-growing bush with brilliantly-coloured blooms on long stems. Ideal for borders, containers and garden colour.


Sweet Pea 'Blue Reflections'

Another glorious sweet pea from the world renowned breeder Dr Keith Hammett. Stunning coloured blooms to brighten your garden.


Sweet Pea 'Brilliant Fragrance'

A delightful sweet pea bloom, with a brilliant fragrance. Soft cream petals change to a pastel pink as they mature.


Sweet Pea 'Old Fashioned'

Large, ruffled blooms that are heavily perfumed. Vigorous, heavy flowering variety that continues late in the summer season.


Sweet Pea 'Original Species'

Although small, this species flower possesses unrivalled depth of colour and a scent that has no comparison.


Sweet Pea 'Patricia Ann'

An unusual mix with each flower showing finely rippled "veins" of colour through the petals.


Wild Flowers Of The World

Dazzling selection gathered from Europe, Australia and the Americas will give you many unusual varieties.