Cut Flowers

There is nothing nicer than a vase of freshly picked flowers. Keep your cut flowers looking good longer by changing the water regularly, removing all leaves that fall below the water line and positioning your vase out of direct sunlight. For an interesting look, make up a vase of Yates Waterwise Water Crystals and add a touch of food colouring of your choice – sit flower stems in crystals mix.


Aquilegia 'Columbine'

Unusual and highly attractive flowers in cream, pink, yellow and lavender appearing in spring.


Calendula 'Pacific Beauty'

A beautiful winter display of warm colours in apricot, yellow, persimmon and orange.


Canterbury Bells 'Cup & Saucer'

A delightful addition to the informal garden, this mix of single and double varieties in pink, white and blue flowers creates a soft, relaxing, natural look.


Carnation 'Fragrance'

Free flowering and fragrant. This variety of carnation provides lovely, large, double-fringed blooms with a wide variety of colours.


Cornflower 'Double Mixed'

An old fashioned favourite with a lovely profusion of pinks, blues and white.


Cornflower 'Mystic Blue'

An abundance of beautiful double flowers in shades of blue.


Delphinium 'Pacific Giants'

Long, striking clusters of florets with contrasting centres. An array of colours in lavender, blue, pink and white.



Large daisy flowers with 'cone' centres are attractive in the garden and also have many therapeutic uses.


Everlasting Daisy 'Mixed Hybrids'

A blend of red, white and pink semi-double flowers. Quick growing and popular for flower arrangements. Easy to grow.


Freesia 'Giant Masterpiece'

Free flowering plants with heavily scented blooms.  A blend providing a bright and varied colour range.


Gypsophila 'Baby's Breath'

Splendid sprays of delicate white flowers with a good percentage of doubles. Highly prized for floral arrangements.


Larkspur 'Rainbow Giants'

Tall, spring-flowering annuals with stately spikes of blue, white and pink.


Marigold 'Crackerjack'

Superb summer colour with massive double blooms from deep gold to light primrose.  Easily grown, these flowers provide great results for very little effort.


Poppy 'Shirley Mixed'

Large single and semi-double flowers, many with picotee edges and colours of salmon, rose-pink and red.


Salvia 'Blue Bedder'

A beautiful plant with many spikes of deep blue flowers. Most impressive grown en mass.


Snapdragon 'Tetra Mixed'

Tall, stately plants with ruffled blooms in a rich variety of colours.  Great for bedding or as cut flowers.


Statice 'Everlasting Flowers'

Decorative paper textured flowers in a special selection of colours including white, yellow, blue and rose.


Stock 'Giant Perfection'

Dense columns of highly fragrant flowers in brilliant shades of white, pink, lavender, red and purple. Ideal as cut flowers.



A popular everlasting flower with papery textured double blooms. Bright colour range. Excellent as dried flowers.


Sunflower 'Bronze Shades'

Brilliant terracotta and bronze shades.  Flowers profusely.  Excellent for cutting and decorative displays.


Sunflower 'Moonwalker'

An elegant variety with long slender petals of soft lemon surrouding a dark centre.


Sunflower 'Yellow Empress'

Particularly large yellow flowers up to 25cm across.  Grown for their decorative value as well as for seed.  Easy to grow.


Sweet Pea 'Blue Reflections'

Another glorious sweet pea from the world renowned breeder Dr Keith Hammett. Stunning coloured blooms to brighten your garden.


Sweet Pea 'Brilliant Fragrance'

A delightful sweet pea bloom, with a brilliant fragrance. Soft cream petals change to a pastel pink as they mature.


Sweet Pea 'Patricia Ann'

An unusual mix with each flower showing finely rippled "veins" of colour through the petals.


Zinnia 'Gold Medal'

Growing up to 1.2m tall, these dahlia-flowered blooms provide a dazzling spectacle of colour including scarlet, yellow, orange and pink.