Cottage Charm

Defined as informal, country style, the cottage garden adds peace, serenity and colour to any home. Scatter seeds where they are to grow. Scatter tall varieties towards the back of your display, next sow medium height varieties, and then to complete your Cottage Garden look, scatter dwarf varieties such as forget me nots or alyssum in the front. Or for a less formal look, mix all the different heights together and scatter freely.


Alyssum 'Carpet of Snow'

A charming, easy to grow plant yielding fragrant white flowers. Ideal for rockeries, edging and wall gardens.


Aquilegia 'Columbine'

Unusual and highly attractive flowers in cream, pink, yellow and lavender appearing in spring.


Butterfly Field Mix

A vibrant coloured blend with a high ratio of nectar flowers, to provide food for adult butterflies, and feed and habitat for caterpillars.


Calendula 'Pacific Beauty'

A beautiful winter display of warm colours in apricot, yellow, persimmon and orange.


Californian Poppy 'Sunshine Mix'

This vivid colour mixture of whites, reds, oranges and yellows produces an abundance of flowers.


Canterbury Bells 'Cup & Saucer'

A delightful addition to the informal garden, this mix of single and double varieties in pink, white and blue flowers creates a soft, relaxing, natural look.


Carnation 'Fragrance'

Free flowering and fragrant. This variety of carnation provides lovely, large, double-fringed blooms with a wide variety of colours.



Catmint. Enjoy the soft clumps of dainty lavender blue flowers from early summer.


Cornflower 'Double Mixed'

An old fashioned favourite with a lovely profusion of pinks, blues and white.


Cornflower 'Mystic Blue'

An abundance of beautiful double flowers in shades of blue.


Cottage Garden Mix

A beautiful blend of brightly coloured free flowering annuals selected for their old world charm.


Delphinium 'Pacific Giants'

Long, striking clusters of florets with contrasting centres. An array of colours in lavender, blue, pink and white.


Forget-Me-Not 'Little Bluebird'

Long lasting profusions of dainty blooms in delightful shades of blue. Ideal for edgings, borders, beddings and ground covers.


Foxglove 'Foxy'

Exquisite bell-shaped blooms in cream, purple and rose colours.  Tall, elegant and stately flowers.  A truly magnificent display.


Gaura 'Sparkle White'

This pretty perennial has graceful white flowers that dance in the breeze. Also known as Whirling Butterflies, Gaura flowers from early spring right through until late summer.


Gypsophila 'Baby's Breath'

Splendid sprays of delicate white flowers with a good percentage of doubles. Highly prized for floral arrangements.


Hollyhock 'Double Elegance'

Gorgeous double flowers with velvety texture on tall stately stems.  Ideal backdrop along walls and fences.


Hollyhock 'Pink Powderpuff'

This romantic cottage garden starlet produces large powder puff blooms in coral pink tones, with a delicate blush tint.


Larkspur 'Rainbow Giants'

Tall, spring-flowering annuals with stately spikes of blue, white and pink.


Lavender 'Hidcote'

Sweetly fragranced Hidcote has a very high lavender oil content, which gives off a very strong perfume. Features darker, deeper purple flower spikes than standard lavender.


Linaria 'Fairy Bouquet'

A profusion of closely packed flowers in an outstanding colour range.


Lupin 'Hartwegeii Mixed'

Stately spires of sweetly scented blooms, ideal for cutting.


Marigold 'Crackerjack'

Superb summer colour with massive double blooms from deep gold to light primrose.  Easily grown, these flowers provide great results for very little effort.


Nasturtium 'Jewel Mixed'

Sweetly scented bursts of crimson, orange, yellow, salmon and rose rising above the slightly trailing foliage.


Nemesia 'Carnival'

This dwarf variety offers a splendid celebration of late winter colour. Quick growing, compact and hardy.


Nigella 'Love-in-A-Mist'

Ice white petals contrast with rich mascara-like stamens - giving a unique new beauty to an Old World bloom. A cottage garden favourite since Elizabethan times, Nigella is prized as a cut flower.


Night Scented Stock

The glorious scent that permeates the Spring evening from these flowers is truly one of nature's precious gems.


Pansy 'Giant Supreme'

A beautiful blend especially for pansy lovers. Striking colour range, most impressive in massed plantings.


Poppy 'Flanders Red'

A beautiful rich, red flower with dark blotches, often recognised as the emblem of ANZAC and Remembrance Days.


Poppy 'Shirley Mixed'

Large single and semi-double flowers, many with picotee edges and colours of salmon, rose-pink and red.


Salvia 'Blue Bedder'

A beautiful plant with many spikes of deep blue flowers. Most impressive grown en mass.


Snapdragon 'Tetra Mixed'

Tall, stately plants with ruffled blooms in a rich variety of colours.  Great for bedding or as cut flowers.


Statice 'Everlasting Flowers'

Decorative paper textured flowers in a special selection of colours including white, yellow, blue and rose.


Stock 'Giant Perfection'

Dense columns of highly fragrant flowers in brilliant shades of white, pink, lavender, red and purple. Ideal as cut flowers.


Sweet Pea 'Old Fashioned'

Large, ruffled blooms that are heavily perfumed. Vigorous, heavy flowering variety that continues late in the summer season.


Sweet Pea 'Original Species'

Although small, this species flower possesses unrivalled depth of colour and a scent that has no comparison.