Insects (Ready to use)

Yates Soil Insect Killer

Controls insect pests in the soil and around rubbish heaps and buildings.


  • Fast acting.
  • Convenient shake-on pack.
  • No mixing or measuring is required.

How It Works

Contains Diazinon, an insecticide which remains effective for about 2 weeks in the soil – long enough to control most soil insect problems.


50g/kg diazinon in the form of a pellet.

Directions for use

Grass Grub: Sprinkle evenly over the ground preferably during or prior to heavy rain. Best control is achieved in February to May when grubs are feeding close to the surface. At least 13mm of rain or irrigation is required within one week of application to carry the insecticide down to the grubs.

Porina Caterpillar: Sprinkle evenly over the lawn. Rain or irrigation is not required as caterpillars come to the surface to feed.

Carrot Rust Fly: Sprinkle in a band 20cm wide along rows of carrots or parsnips. Cultivate into the soil to a depth of 5-10cm. Apply again on either side of the row in 2 months time. Do not use around food crops other than carrots and parsnips.

Slaters: Sprinkle underneath rubbish heaps or around buildings at the rate of 10g/m2.

Rating: 5.0

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