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Yates Confidor Plant Insecticide Aerosol

Controls aphids, mealy bugs, scale, thrips, whitefly and other sucking insects on ornamentals, roses and vegetables. Confidor belongs to a new chemical group, so it is excellent to use in a spray program with other insecticides, as it controls pests resistant to older formulations.


  • Systemic action -absorbed through the foliage and moves throughout the plant to control insect pests – works from the inside out.
  • Good for spot treatment of pests.
  • Ideal for indoor plants.
  • Aerosol can be inverted (turned upside down) to treat under leaves and in awkward spaces.
  • CFC free – safe to ozone layer.
  • Easy to use aerosol formulation, no mixing required and easy to spray underneath plant foliage.

How It Works

Systemic insecticide which targets sucking insects.


0.25g/kg imidacloprid in the form of an aerosol.

Directions for use

Spray thoroughly when insects first appear or re-appear. Ensure underside of leaves are sprayed.


Withholding period 3 days for tomatoes, courgettes and cucumbers. Will kill bees, do not spray when active. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wash hands after use. Avoid spraying on other surfaces as marking may occur.

Rating: 5.0

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