Insects (Ready to use)

Nature’s Way Citrus, Vegie & Ornamental Insect Spray

Nature’s Way® Citrus, Vegie & Ornamental Insect Spray is an organically certified Pyrethrum and Oil combination insecticide, with twin modes of action against garden pests.



  • Controls scale, aphids, caterpillars, leafhoppers, mealybug, thrips, whitefly, mites and ants.
  • Can be used on indoor or outdoor plants.
  • Low-toxic ingredients derived from natural sources – pyrethrum daisy, and canola oil.
  • BioGro approved for organic gardening.
  • Boosted with seaweed to deliver relief from plant stress, and aids recovery from pest and insect damage.
  • Ready to use formula, in a handy spray gun.
  • One day withholding period – simply wash and eat produce one day after spraying.

Active Ingredients

Contains 0.3g/L pyrethrins and 8g/L canola oil in the form of a ready to use liquid.

How it Works

  • Pyrethrin is an extract from the pyrethrum daisy and disrupts the nervous system of both sucking and chewing insect pests such as aphids and caterpillars.
  • Vegetable oil (canola oil) acts as an insecticide by smothering insects such as scale and mealy bug.

Material Safety Data Sheet

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