Yates Kikuyu Lawn Seed

Yates Kikuyu Lawn Seed

A unique blend of hardy Kikuyu – a tough spreading variety suited to warmer areas – and Annual Ryegrass.


Fast germinating Ryegrass minimises soil erosion and reduces weed competition while the Kikuyu seedlings establish. A vigorous growing, warm climate grass. Kikuyu is excellent for high traffic areas, coastal gardens and drought prone districts, in frost-free regions of New Zealand.


  • Rapid results – germinates in 7 days
  • Drought & heat tolerant
  • Hard wearing and vigorous
  • Excellent coastal lawn
  • Contains fungicide & bird repellent

ACTive-GRO Coating Technology

Yates Lawn Seed is specially designed to make it easier to establish new, or rejuvenate existing, lawns from seed.

We start with professional quality turf type seed and then optimise its performance with our ACTive-GRO Advanced Coating. Using the latest in coating technology, seed is treated with a lightweight film coating that protects against fungal disease and bird theft.

Choosing Yates Lawn Seed With ACTive-GRO coating is the first step to ensuring you grow a thick, lush and beautiful lawn.

Suitable for

Drought prone & coastal gardens in warm climates


90% Annual Ryegrass, 10% Kikuyu

How to use


  • Up to 33 sqm (per 500g) new lawn
  • Up to 50 sqm (per 500g) oversow

Establishing new lawn

Step 1:

Dig over the entire area to about half a spade depth (or rotary hoe large areas). Level roughly, removing stones and other large debris as you go. Leave for two to three weeks to allow weeds to germinate. Spray with Yates Zero to kill weeds.

Note: On heavy clay or poorly drained soils, install drainage coil and lay:

  • 10 – 15cm of topsoil over the lawn area. On very sandy soils, lay
  • 10 – 15cm of topsoil over the lawn area.

Step 2:

Once weeds die off, rake away dead foliage. Apply Dynamic Lifter Organic Lawn Food and rake in. Consolidate the soil by trampling. Re-level by raking, followed by dragging a long length of timber from side to side across the soil surface. This will detect any humps and hollows, which can be rectified prior to sowing.

Step 3:

Select the right type of seed for the situation. Sow by scattering seed east – west, then north – south, to get the best coverage. Lightly rake seed into the soil. Water with a fine spray nozzle to bed seed in.

Step 4:

Water lawn seed as required to maintain constant moisture until seed germinates and is well established. As grass becomes stronger, water less frequently and more heavily to encourage grass roots to grow deeper.

Step 5:

Mow lawn once grass is about 3.5cm high. After 10 – 12 weeks, fertilise with Yates Lawn Master.


Spray with Yates Turfix to eradicate weeds and fertilise with Yates Lawn Master, twice yearly, in spring and autumn.


Available sizes

  • 1Kg

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