Yates Soil Acidifier Liquid Sulfur

Yates Soil Acidifier Liquid Sulfur lowers the pH of soil making it more acidic. Acidic soil is required when growing acid loving plants such as camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons, magnolias and blueberries. An easy to use liquid formulation, it can be diluted and applied without the dust and mess associated with traditional granular products.


Guarenteed Analysis %w/v
Sulfur (S) as elemental 50

Directions for use

Application – for reducing soil pH (making soil more acidic) can also alleviate lime induced chlorosis
Soil Type – Sandy, mix 25-50ml in 2L water
Soil Type – Loam, mix 50-80ml in 2L water
Soil Type – Clay, mix 80-120ml in 2L water
Frequency -Every 4 weeks until required soil pH is achieved
Timing – Apply as necessary.
Area – 2L/2m2, apply to moist soil around plant

Material Safety Data Sheet

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