Yates Hydrangea Blueing Liquid Aluminium Sulfate

Yates Hydrangea Blueing Liquid Aluminium Sulfate supplies aluminium, which is needed to produce intense blue-coloured hydrangea flowers. An easy to use liquid formulation, Yates Hydrangea Blueing Tonic is easy to dilute and apply with no handling of dusty powders.

Soil pH affects the colour of hydrangea flowers. NOTE Acidic soil (pH4.5-5.5) will produce blue flowers, less acidic soil (pH5.5 to 7) will produce pale purplish flowers, while alkaline soil (pH7 to 8.5) will turn flowers pink. To make soil more acidic, use Yates Soil Acidifier.


Guarenteed Analysis %w/v
Aluminium (Al) as sulfate 2.5

Directions for use

Application – change hydrangea flower colour to blue, maintain blue flower colour
Rate – mix 30ml in 5L of water.
Frequency -Every 3-4 weeks.
Timing – Apply any time of year or after winter pruning to adjust and maintain flower colour.
Area – 5L/5m2, apply to moist soil around plant

Material Safety Data Sheet

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