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Thrive Shake'n'Feed

In just one easy application, Thrive Shake ‘n’ Feed fertilises and also improves plant health by supplying a granular wetting agent and some root-promoting seaweed extract to the root system. The fertiliser in Thrive Shake ‘n’ Feed combines fast release, slow release and controlled release particles that continue feeding for up to six months.


  • An all purpose 4-in-1 feeding solution
  • Feeds plants continuously for 6 months
  • Easy to use product in a convenient shaker pack
  • No mixing or measuring – just shake and feed!
  • Mineral granules with wetting agent improve soil structure and allow moisture and nutrients to move down the soil and into the roots more effectively.
  • Seaweed is a rich source of natural plant growth stimulants.


Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements.

(NPK analysis: 11.6 : 3.7 : 8.3).

Directions for use

Potted Plants – 1 shake per 30cm pot; 2 shakes per 50cm pot.

Garden Beds – 3 shakes per m2.

Delicate Plants – For seedlings and plants such as ferns and african violets use half the recommended quantity.

Distribute evenly over soil surface and water in well after application.

As a guide, 1 average shake contains 7.5gms of Thrive Shake’n’Feed. One teaspoon contains on average 7.5gms of Thrive Shake’n’Feed.


Pet Safety – Some pets may be attracted to this product. Store out of reach of children and pets. To prevent consumption after application, rake granules into top soil and water in well.

Material Safety Data Sheet

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