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Nutricote Subtropical Fern & Palm Food

A complete controlled release fertiliser for feeding garden and potted foliage plants such as ferns and palms. Rich in nitrogen for healthy green lush foliage, with balanced phosphorus, potassium and trace elements for complete plant health.


  • Technologically advanced fertiliser prills which release nutrients gradually over time.
  • More nutrients are released in warmer weather when plants are growing, and less nutrients during the cooler months, thus Nutricote provides nutrients exactly when the plants need them.
  • Feeds continuously for up to 6 months.
  • Safe to use – won’t burn sensitive ferns and palms like many other fertilisers.

How It Works

When Nutricote granules are added to the soil, moisture penetrates the polymer coat forming a fertiliser solution inside which is released into the soil at a controlled rate according to requirements i.e. when the weather is warmer, Nutricote works faster.


Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements

(NPK analysis: 17.5 : 2.8 : 8.5).

Directions for use

Amount varies for plant type and pot size.
20cm pot – 1 spoonful
25 cm pot – 1.5 spoonfuls
30 cm pot – 3 spoonfuls
General garden – 2 spoonfuls per square metre.
Measuring spoon holds 7g Nutricote.

Material Safety Data Sheet

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